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Springs Things: Rainbow Pants + A Discussion on Blue Jeans

Hey Merbabes! What even happened this week? One moment I was living my best spring life, strolling around town with an iced match, the next moment I was shivering.  Classic Chi spring. 

Let's be real, I shouldn't be complaining too much because the only thing I really wanted to do was wear my cute new pants + I did just that.

Shop the Look:

I love blue jeans, I love blue jeans, I love blue jeans.  I have 20+ pairs, they are my pant of choice, but sometimes I look at myself in the mirror + I'm like "bbgirl switch it up"!  So...I've been working on adding track pants + fun patterned pants into my rotation.  I grabbed a pair of checkered pants from Urban Outfitters a month or two ago that got a ton of likes on Instagram (if you're wondering if am I this shallow IRL, honestly yes) so I knew I has to snatch up some more fun pants ASAP.

These knit rainbow pants are such a fun piece + a total blue jean upgrade (no offense I still love you jeans).  Plus the color palette is beautiful + can be paired with so many different pieces.  I played up the blue + red in the pants but you could pair this with yellow, pink, green, etc.

My 'shirt' shirt is my favorite graphic tee I own.  Its so meta.  Unfortunately this was found at a record store + not available at Urban Outfitters (yet), so I've linked some fun graphic tees I would pair with these rainbow pants, in the 'shop the post' widget above.

Throwing on a denim jacket seemed to be the natural move since I wasn't wearing jeans.  I do this thing where I borrow clothes + then slowly (quickly) integrate them into my life, which is basically what I did with this denim jacket, and my other denim jacket, and most of my get it.    

I have been soaking up every opportunity that comes around to rock my Nike Airmax 98's, the slightest hint of red in an outfit means these babies must be worn.  This pair is no longer available but I've got a whole roundup of my current favorite sneakers for you to check out.  

Last but not least, I finished this look with a mini faux-fur bag + a blue smoothie.  Fun fact: my blue smoothie is blue thanks to Blue Majik which is super rich in antioxidants + a powerful anti-inflammatory, this is one of my go-to drinks when I am super sore + achy.  

I hope your weekend forecast is looking better than Chicago's + you are blessed enough to rock rainbow pants! 
Have a wavy weekend babes!

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What I Eat in a Week: Oatmeal, Smoothies + French Fries

Hey Merbabes! I recently did a poll on my story to gather inspiration for my next blog post.  The overwhelming winner of said poll was 'what I eat in a week'! So here we are. I kept starting then stopping tracking my daily food intake because I was a little shocked by the amount I ate when it was written down on paper.  On Monday I decided to finally commit, I tracked everything I ate Monday-Friday and I am excited to share with you all!

A little background on my diet, I have been completely vegetarian for over five years now, meat wasn't a large part of my diet growing up so I don't miss it.  I keep my dairy intake on the low, it gives me headaches + pimples, so I save dairy for special occasions, like Jeni's Ice Cream + Kelly's (thats my mom) mac + cheese.   I truly believe in listening to your body for the answers to your dietary needs! When you listen to you body there is no need for unnecessary restrictions or counting calories.

With that being said, lets jump into day one!


Breakfast: Oatmeal. I eat the exact same breakfast everyday.  Everyday.  Steel cut oats with chia seeds, flax seed, apples, banana + pineapple.  Topped with berries + mango.  It's a lot of food + it's my absolute favorite way to start the day.

I also drink a cup of hot lemon water + hot green tea with my oatmeal.

Rehearsal Snack: Dance rehearsals run right through lunch time so I always have a smoothie with me.   Monday's smoothie was made with frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, beetroot powder, Garden of Life Plant Protein Powder, and Forager cashew milk.

Lunch: Monday's I usually get home after 2 + make myself a quick leftovers lunch.  This week I was truly blessed by a fridge full of Easter leftovers.  I had dairy-free egg strata loaded with veggies + diced sweet potatoes.

Dinner: Monday night dinners are my favorite of the week, because its rice + beans night.  I had brown rice, black beans, corn, avocado, and salsa!

Snack: Since I did a late afternoon SoulCycle class I was hungry again a few hours after dinner.  I had peanut butter + jelly toast with my nightly cup of tea.


Breakfast: Oatmeal.  See above.

Smoothie: frozen blueberries frozen banana, spinach, arugula, kale,  Garden of Life Plant Protein Powder, Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen, + Forager Cashew Milk.

Lunch: I had a lunch date with momma at True Foods, one of our favorite spots!  We ordered cauliflower to share +  I ordered my go-to ancient grain bowl.  The grain bowl is topped with glazed sweet potatoes, snap peas, onions, mushrooms, and the best cilantro pesto.  With my grain bowl I ordered a cup of Ginger Tusi Tea, its the warmest, coziest cup of tea out there.

Dinner: For dinner I threw red peppers, mixed greens, avocado, + salsa over leftover brown rice.  I love rice!

Snack: Oranges, dark chocolate, cup of tea.


Breakfast: Oatmeal. Duh.

Lunch: Sandwich with homemade hummus, mixed greens, red pepper, pickled carrots + onions. Sandwiches are a staple in my diet, I will never get over how good a PB+J is.

Dinner: Snuck over to Bad Hunter for an early dinner.  This obviously consisted of their to die for veggie burger (sans cheddar) + fries!

Snack: Apples + oranges with a cup of tea.


Breakfast: You already know.

Smoothie: Same as Tuesdays!

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with kale, zucchini + walnut pesto, ugh to die for.  I just had a bowl of leftovers while writing this post.  Pasta is my favorite food, I could eat it every single day.

Snack: Apples, oranges, dark chocolate with a cup of tea.


Breakfast: Oatmeal!

Smoothie: Peanut butter, frozen banana, blueberries, arugula, spinach, Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen, Garden of Life Plant Protein, + Forager Cashew Milk.

Lunch: Hummus with carrots, tomatoes, crackers + pretzels!

Dinner:  Urbanbelly at home, obviously I had my favorite rice + veggie bowl with tofu.  This bowl is jasmine rice topped with arugula, eggplant, kimchi. cucumbers, tofu, spicy sauce, and the perfect soft boiled egg.  I can't go longer than five days without consuming this bowl.

Snack: Homemade matcha chocolate, find the recipe on Instagram!

That's what my week of meals looks like.  This was a pretty basic week for me, and one where I ate pretty clean!  To be honest the week before was filled with ramen + tacos + I have no regrets! Balance + moderation is key. Eat well +  Eat lots! 

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Everything I Wore in Palm Springs

Hey Merbabes! Almost a month later + I'm still swooning over Palm Springs.  Every knows I love winter, faux fur everyday, its a dream, but being in Palm Springs gave me a taste of sunny days ahead +  I want it now.  I've already ditched my winter coats for light spring jackets despite the 30 degree temps outside + I have no regrets.

For my Palm Springs trip, I put a decent amount of thought into packing, unlike my usual routine of shoving half my closet into a suitcase.  I chose a color palette + shopped / pulled pieces I own from the palette.  What a concept! I decided to go with nudes + denim as the base of looks.  This can easily be done when packing for a vacation but this can also translate to shopping for a new season (like spring, duh).  Outfits seem to flow seamlessly into one another when they all have a similar vibe / palette.  It makes mixing pieces + creating new looks a breeze! I'm sharing three looks I wore in Palm Springs that you can easily recreate for you vacation or expand upon this idea for a full season of looks!

This is such a simple travel look, graphic tee + killer flares.  All the accessories that elevate this look were recycled throughout the trip! 

Shop the Look:

I'm not a huge dress person, this is pretty much the only dress I wear by choice these days.  Its v sheer   so I paired it with a nude body suit + threw a denim jacket on top.  
Shop the Look:

I wrote a full piece on this look. Check it out.

Shop the Look:

I hope you're feeling inspired for sunny days ahead! 

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Studio Hopping: Best Boutique Fitness in Chicago

Hey Merbabes!  My (almost) daily workouts are one of the best parts of my day.  It's 45-60 minutes away from a screen, where I don't have to speak to people, and I can focus on one single thing, AKA heaven.  I love using Class Pass because I don't have to commit to one location + one workout, I have a solid rotation of places I hit up to get all my favorite workouts in!  I thought I would share those locations with you!

Disclaimer: there are definitely more places I work out but these are the ones I love the most! If you follow along @mermaidwaves you can check where I'm working out day by day on my story!

Studio Three

One of the prettiest places you can work out, Studio Three is three floors of fitness.  Interval, Spin + Yoga. You can usually catch me in the cycling studio or in the yoga studio.  I've taken just about every class they offer but I love a classic cycle 45 class (bonus points for a theme ride) + 3x3 which is a totally not intimidating full-body weight training class!  My favorite favorite class is a monthly 90 min dance workshop! Such great energy + so much fun, its created for all levels so you don't need any dance experience!

Hood: River North
Studio Three

Bare Feet Power Yoga

I first hit up this spot because they have a crazy $30 unlimited yoga pass for 30 days for new students.    I highly recommend it, I went almost everyday for the month + totally fell in love with the place.  I haven't taken a class I didn't love.  This is my go-to spot for the ultimate relaxing practice, such good vibes!

Hood: West Loop
Bare Feet Power Yoga


You will probably die but in the best way.  Chi50 is a 50 minute megaformer class that kicks my butt every single time.   Imagine pilates after three cups of matcha.  You will shake + sweat + want to cry but your body will seriously thank you!  It's for sure one of the hardest (while still enjoyable) workouts I've ever done.

Hood: Wicker Park

Zen Yoga Garage

Another destination I love for yoga is Zen Yoga Garage,  the space is beautiful + the front studio has glass garage doors that lets in all the sunlight!  I started taking their Buddha Burn class (which is a killer) but have been toning down my workouts lately (that's another post) so I've switched over to a more classic vinyasa flow class, which I am loving.

Hood: Wicker Park
Zen Yoga Garage

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Not Your Dad's Shoes: Sneaker Round-up

Hey Merbabes! I love the dad shoe moment, love it, here for it, rock it, support it, but like sometimes you want to wear your own shoes, not just your dad's.  Merm to the rescue because I've rounded up 15 pairs of coolest shoes for you to start rocking right now.

Recently I have been pairing a gym shoe with every outfit, from jeans + a turtleneck to a dress + a denim jacket.  I'm so here for the relaxed vibe gyms shoes add to any look. I'm having a major nike moment rn which is super unlike me so soak up all the nike love while you can.  I also threw in a few splurges like the Miu Miu's (to die for) and some under $100 finds, looking at you rainbow Steve Maddens. 

To shop your picks simply click on the shoe thats got you drooling.

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Palm Springs Hit List: 48 Hours in Palm Springs

Hey Merbabes!  Not only am I about to give you the run-down of the not to miss places in Palm Springs + Palm Desert but I'm going to show you how to do it in 48 hours.  Whether you're taking a long weekend away or are heading to the desert for Coachella (hello queen bey) these are the stops you need to make along the way.

Day 1: 

Grab Breakfast at King's Highway

This cool little dinner is tucked in the Palm Spring's Ace Hotel + Swim Club.  I can't think of a better way to kick off your weekend in Palm Spring's than with a killer breakfast (or plate of tacos) in this former Denny's.


Drive out to Salvation Mountain

After you fill your bellies, get ready for a drive.  The drive out to Salvation Mountain is about 90 minutes + worth every single second.  I can't fully explain the feeling you first arriving at Salvation Mountain but its basically like getting hit with a wall of good vibes.  Explore all the colorful nooks + climb up all the colorful paths, you will feel like a new person with a whole lot of Instagram content.

On your way home stop at one of the Salton Sea beaches, the water smells a little funky but you'll get some dope photos + be able to say you were at the largest body of water in California.


Stop for a Treat at Ice Cream & Shop(pe)

After a morning of driving around, you deserve a treat.  Head to the cutest destination in uptown Palm Springs at the Arrive hotel, Ice Cream & Shop(pe).  I grabbed a vegan date ice cream cone + had to seriously hold myself back from purchasing everything at the shop.


Enjoy Dinner at Birba

This is the place to go to dinner in Palm Springs.  It's an all outdoor restaurant fully equipped with fire pits, heaters, and blankets to give you major cozy vibes while you dine.  The tricolore pizza is a serious must-have, imagine a tricolore salad on top of a beautiful white pizza, divine!


Day 2:

Brunch Poolside at Chi Chi

Located at the Avalon Hotel this is where my ideal day would start every single morning.  Enjoy a turmeric latte while sitting poolside + eating an açaí bowl or a veggie burger, um yes please.


Go for a Hike in the Indian Canyons

This wasn't a stop we made on my last trip but this is still a serious must in my book.  I haven't seen anything that compares to the beauty of this spot, palm trees, water falls, and v accessible trails for the nature challenged aka me.


Shop at Fine Art of Design

I first discovered Fine Art of Design at their pop-up in the Ace Hotel, after eating at King's Highway, duh.  I snagged a Dolce + Gabbana mini dress that is to die for, this time around I snagged a kimono + a little jacket that I am already trying to incorporate into everything I wear.  After shopping at Fine Art of Design head down the street to El Paseo, its basically the Rodeo Drive of Palm Desert.


End your Evening at The Parker

The Parker is probably the coolest place I have ever stepped foot into.  It's all designed by Jonathan Adler + a serious interior dream.  I went to Norma's for brunch but I can only imagine the cool evening vibes this place exudes.  My ideal evening at the Parker would be chilling in the lobby then ending the evening with dinner at Mr. Parkers.


Enjoy your 48 hour getaway bb!

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Salvation Mountain: Desert Chic Jumpsuit

Hey Merbabes!  This week I did something v v v special, the fam + I spent some time chilling in Palm Springs and we took a journey to a place I've been dying to visit for years.  Salvation Mountain.  I'm sure you've seen it on the gram but nothing will prepare you for the beauty + love that radiates from this spot IRL.

I'm sharing some of my favorite pictures along with my desert chic look with you today!  Be sure to head to @mermaidwaves on the gram to see more snaps from Palm Springs + Salvation Mountain.

Shop the Post:

Coordinating your look to your destination, its a major key.  I didn't want my look to get caught up in the wild color palette of the mountain so I opted for a chic desert neutrals.

Let us talk jumpsuit.  This flared, scalloped, jumpsuit is the perfect vacation piece, its an easy one-step look that won't take up tons of room in your suitcase.  Side note: I packed all my outfits, workout clothes, robe, + four pairs of shoes in a carry-on, okrrrrr, had to brag for a moment.

With my babely white jumpsuit, I went for rose-toned neutral accessories.  This wrap sweater is a favorite of mine,  I've worn it everywhere from the dance studio to the desert, literally.

I love how the soft pink of the sweater plays off my cat-eye sunnies.  The mini sunglass silhouette is so hot rn and is beyond easy to pull off.  Put them on your face + own it.  The cat-eye shape also plays into the retro feel of the jumpsuit.

Last but sherpa not least, I kind of hate myself for that but it almost works, the shoes.  Sherpa sandals! What!  The perfect winter to spring transitional shoe, especially for the desert where a large sherpa coat wouldn't quite be appropriate in the mid-day sun.

Have you ever been to Salvation Mountain? 

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The Best Brunch in Chicago: 10 Spots You Need to Hit

Hey Merbabes! Today, I am getting serious.  We are talking about my favorite thing on this planet.  Brunch.  The most popular question I get in my DMs is where should I brunch in Chicago.  I figured it was time to put together a master list of my all-time favorite destinations.

Below are 10 places I absolutely love + you can catch me at every weekend.

The Allis

My go-to, fave, weekly destination. You already know.  I’m all about cozying up with a cup of hot green tea + grabbing my favorite all day breakfast, (sans salmon).  I love coming here during the week for a chill spot to eat + “work” aka sip on tea with my laptop open.  If you’re heading out on a weekend, I recommend making a reservation!

Hood: West Loop

Maison Marcel

It’s probably a good thing this little spot is all the up in Lakeview otherwise I would never leave.  A cup of tea + a little avocado toast is the way to my heart.  The food is fab, but the decor is what will make you fall in love with this space.

Hood: Lakeview

Cafe Robey

This is one of my new favorite spots.  Their avocado toast is possibly my favorite ever, I add a poached egg for the yolk factor.  The tables are white marble + the lighting makes this spot perfect for Instagram.  I also really appreciate their mugs, they are clear glass so you can show off your pretty cup of tea.

Hood: Wicker Park

Bad Hunter

This is also one of my favorite not-brunch spots but if you go for brunch, get the Bad Hunter burger with an egg.  It makes the perfect veggie burger even more perfect.  Just watch the video.  That's all.

Hood: West Loop

Clever Rabbit

Clever Rabbit is a veggie-focused restaurant (fave) with a strong brunch game.  I have a habit of choosing one item on a menu + ordering it for the rest of my Clever Rabbit its the Rabbit Breakfast.  I mean look at it, what else could you ask for?

Hood: Wicker Park

Little Goat

Little Goat has totally become a tourist destination but that will never separate me from my beloved Parathas Burrito.  I recommend going during the week, its perfect, quiet, cozy diner, grab a cup of tea, get your brunch, + always get fries.

Hood: West Loop
Gram: @littlegoatdiner

Cafe Marie Jeanne

This spot is a hidden gem, with some of the best brunch in the city.  My favorite part about it is the breakfast a la carte, it’s basically build-a-bear for brunch. I love getting scrambled eggs, toast, greens, + mushrooms! Drooling just thinking about it.

Hood: Humboldt Park

Grange Hall

This is another spot that I hit all times of the day but also has an incredible brunch menu.  I am crazy about their veggie burgers, I will go for one of those as early as 10am, but their brunch menu is not to be overlooked, they have large selection of killer vegetarian (+ not) brunch dishes.  Blueberry basil pancakes I’m looking at you.  

This is one of the only places I can think of that I ever vary my order, that’s how good it is.  

Hood: West Loop

The Winchester

I love this little spot.  That is basically all I want to say.  Good vibes, super good brunch.

Hood: UK Village

La Sirena Clandestina

This spot feels like summer.  Sip an iced tea, while you eat your way through the best (+ biggest) kale salad ever.  They currently have a lovely veggie omelet but I fell hard for a vegetarian rice + bean bowl, please bring it back.  

Hood: West Loop

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Spring Break Forever: Vacation Pieces You Need

The first (+ only) R-rated movie I snuck into was Spring Breakers, it was awful but the sound of James Franco saying 'Spring Breakkkkkk' will forever live on inside my head.  All that to say, I hope you read the title of this post in his voice.  I'm heading west for a little sunshine next week (blessed!) and naturally I waited until the last minute to put my vacation outfits together.  My lack of planning inspired me to put together a vacation shop, so you can prepare for Spring Break stress-free, otherwise what's the point of leaving?

From swimwear to standout accessories I've got your beach needs covered, oh and cover-ups I've got those too!

Accessories + Swim

Safe travels bbs!

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LDN Hit List: Eat, Snack, + Sip

Tonight Josephine

Hey Merbabes!  It's been a month since #WorldTour + I figured it was time to give you a scoop on the  hottest spots I hit in London.  Out of all the places we visited I chose my top seven to share with you!  All of these spots are vegetarian, vegan, + gluten free friendly, Aubrey + I basically cover all the dietary restrictions you can dream of so you know we do our research.


Darcie + May Green

Have you ever had brunch on a rainbow boat?  Well, I have + it was amazing.  You'll pretty much become an honorary blogger after visiting a spot as cute as this one.


Farm Girl

Good, clean, beautiful food.  They have everything from avocado toast + gluten free pancakes to açaí bowls + lattes in every color of the rainbow.  Plus theres a cute French guy that works there.



Maitre Choux

Its v rare I sit down + eat a box of pastries, like I don't think I've ever down that before.  Until I went to Maitre Choux + became the queen of eclairs.


Hip Chips

Salty or sweet, with your choice of dips.  Sign me up over + over again.  This is a brilliant concept that I pray on the daily someone will steal + open in Chicago.



Allergy free fro-yo for all! No dairy, no gluten, no nuts, no junk.  Plus it comes served with your choice of waffles of crepes, as if you needed any more convincing.



Tonight Josephine

Go for the neon signs + the wallpaper in the bathroom, stay for the music.


Palm Vaults

Rainbow, sparkly, pink matcha +  the most perfect branding you'll ever see.  Pink, green, + palms! I visited the pop-up at fiorucci but my #1 place to go during my next London trip is their permanent location.



I already wrote an entire post on this place! Read it here.


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