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Springs Things: Rainbow Pants + A Discussion on Blue Jeans

Hey Merbabes! What even happened this week? One moment I was living my best spring life, strolling around town with an iced match, the next moment I was shivering.  Classic Chi spring. 

Let's be real, I shouldn't be complaining too much because the only thing I really wanted to do was wear my cute new pants + I did just that.

Shop the Look:

I love blue jeans, I love blue jeans, I love blue jeans.  I have 20+ pairs, they are my pant of choice, but sometimes I look at myself in the mirror + I'm like "bbgirl switch it up"!  So...I've been working on adding track pants + fun patterned pants into my rotation.  I grabbed a pair of checkered pants from Urban Outfitters a month or two ago that got a ton of likes on Instagram (if you're wondering if am I this shallow IRL, honestly yes) so I knew I has to snatch up some more fun pants ASAP.

These knit rainbow pants are such a fun piece + a total blue jean upgrade (no offense I still love you jeans).  Plus the color palette is beautiful + can be paired with so many different pieces.  I played up the blue + red in the pants but you could pair this with yellow, pink, green, etc.

My 'shirt' shirt is my favorite graphic tee I own.  Its so meta.  Unfortunately this was found at a record store + not available at Urban Outfitters (yet), so I've linked some fun graphic tees I would pair with these rainbow pants, in the 'shop the post' widget above.

Throwing on a denim jacket seemed to be the natural move since I wasn't wearing jeans.  I do this thing where I borrow clothes + then slowly (quickly) integrate them into my life, which is basically what I did with this denim jacket, and my other denim jacket, and most of my get it.    

I have been soaking up every opportunity that comes around to rock my Nike Airmax 98's, the slightest hint of red in an outfit means these babies must be worn.  This pair is no longer available but I've got a whole roundup of my current favorite sneakers for you to check out.  

Last but not least, I finished this look with a mini faux-fur bag + a blue smoothie.  Fun fact: my blue smoothie is blue thanks to Blue Majik which is super rich in antioxidants + a powerful anti-inflammatory, this is one of my go-to drinks when I am super sore + achy.  

I hope your weekend forecast is looking better than Chicago's + you are blessed enough to rock rainbow pants! 
Have a wavy weekend babes!

apr 14 18, 17:18
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Everything I Wore in Palm Springs

Hey Merbabes! Almost a month later + I'm still swooning over Palm Springs.  Every knows I love winter, faux fur everyday, its a dream, but being in Palm Springs gave me a taste of sunny days ahead +  I want it now.  I've already ditched my winter coats for light spring jackets despite the 30 degree temps outside + I have no regrets.

For my Palm Springs trip, I put a decent amount of thought into packing, unlike my usual routine of shoving half my closet into a suitcase.  I chose a color palette + shopped / pulled pieces I own from the palette.  What a concept! I decided to go with nudes + denim as the base of looks.  This can easily be done when packing for a vacation but this can also translate to shopping for a new season (like spring, duh).  Outfits seem to flow seamlessly into one another when they all have a similar vibe / palette.  It makes mixing pieces + creating new looks a breeze! I'm sharing three looks I wore in Palm Springs that you can easily recreate for you vacation or expand upon this idea for a full season of looks!

This is such a simple travel look, graphic tee + killer flares.  All the accessories that elevate this look were recycled throughout the trip! 

Shop the Look:

I'm not a huge dress person, this is pretty much the only dress I wear by choice these days.  Its v sheer   so I paired it with a nude body suit + threw a denim jacket on top.  
Shop the Look:

I wrote a full piece on this look. Check it out.

Shop the Look:

I hope you're feeling inspired for sunny days ahead! 

mar 22 18, 23:25
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Salvation Mountain: Desert Chic Jumpsuit

Hey Merbabes!  This week I did something v v v special, the fam + I spent some time chilling in Palm Springs and we took a journey to a place I've been dying to visit for years.  Salvation Mountain.  I'm sure you've seen it on the gram but nothing will prepare you for the beauty + love that radiates from this spot IRL.

I'm sharing some of my favorite pictures along with my desert chic look with you today!  Be sure to head to @mermaidwaves on the gram to see more snaps from Palm Springs + Salvation Mountain.

Shop the Post:

Coordinating your look to your destination, its a major key.  I didn't want my look to get caught up in the wild color palette of the mountain so I opted for a chic desert neutrals.

Let us talk jumpsuit.  This flared, scalloped, jumpsuit is the perfect vacation piece, its an easy one-step look that won't take up tons of room in your suitcase.  Side note: I packed all my outfits, workout clothes, robe, + four pairs of shoes in a carry-on, okrrrrr, had to brag for a moment.

With my babely white jumpsuit, I went for rose-toned neutral accessories.  This wrap sweater is a favorite of mine,  I've worn it everywhere from the dance studio to the desert, literally.

I love how the soft pink of the sweater plays off my cat-eye sunnies.  The mini sunglass silhouette is so hot rn and is beyond easy to pull off.  Put them on your face + own it.  The cat-eye shape also plays into the retro feel of the jumpsuit.

Last but sherpa not least, I kind of hate myself for that but it almost works, the shoes.  Sherpa sandals! What!  The perfect winter to spring transitional shoe, especially for the desert where a large sherpa coat wouldn't quite be appropriate in the mid-day sun.

Have you ever been to Salvation Mountain? 

mar 4 18, 18:00
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Red Hot: Valentine's Day Look

 Hey Merbabes!  Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I'm sharing a red hot look + some red hot pieces to snag for yourself, to upgrade your Valentine's Day.  I basically wore this same outfit in London, I admit, I outfit repeated, but this red + black look is the perfect alternative to your average Valentine's Day look.  No shade thrown to pink ruffles, I have worn my fair share of those, but it doesn't hurt to mix it up.

Shop the Look:

I went through a strict no skirt phase for at least a year, but my relationship with mini skirts is on the mend thanks to this camo baby.  Red + camo are so hot rn, so that pairing on this mini skirt really spoke to me.

Nasty Gal is doing the absolute most when it comes to sales, everything is like 100% off all the time. Which confuses me but also I'm not complaining.  I snagged this red, faux leather coat for $36.  It is such a statement piece, and has been all over my Instagram feed lately.

With such bold red pieces, I chose to keep everything else simple.  I threw on my second favorite black turtleneck and a pair of black boots, these boots are so classic yet such a statement.

To finish the look I added a pair of lip sunnies, because I love a good theme!

I gathered my favorite red hot finds from across the internet! Click through the lookbook for everything from candles to date night dresses.

feb 9 18, 19:56
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Subtle Sparkle: Sequins For Daytime

Hey Merbabes! I'm here with a new look + a new way to style that little number you wore over the holiday season.  Yes, I'm talking about that sequined one-piece.  Dust her off because she's going to see the sunlight this week, alright maybe not sunlight but at least daylight.

Shop the Look:

 I had my eye on this sequined jumpsuit for my birthday, but never pounced on it.  It was more than I wanted to spend but I never forgot about this baby.  I could I? Its basically sweatpants covers in sequins, a major win if you ask me.  I stopped into Anthro the other day + searched for this jumpsuit in the sale racks, I found her for $29!! Blessed.

 I had my cute new jumpsuit with no where to go, this babe had to get creative.  Whenever I want to dress things down (I find myself in sequined outfits pretty often) I go for a pair of gym shoes.  My favorite gym shoes being Skechers D'lites,  I'm obsessed, I have at least five pairs.  I chose my fresh white pair to go with this look, a simple shoe is all you need when wearing a statement piece like this jumpsuit.

 I love a white gym shoe all year round! How you can say white isn't for winter? It literally matches the snow.

I threw a white t-shirt under my jumpsuit to play off the white gym shoes, and make this one-piece even more daytime appropriate.  To finish the look, I topped this sequined jumpsuit with this dope shearling + leather jacket courtesy of my mother's closet.  You could also top this look with your favorite faux fur!

What piece is sitting in your closet waiting to be restyled? Let me know in the comments below! 

feb 9 18, 01:50
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Get the London Look: Everything I Wore in London + Edinburgh

Hey merbabes! I'm back + better than ever.  Ok actually, right now I am seriously sick, but I have a feeling the whole better than ever thing will kick in in a few days.  London + Edinburgh were a serious whirlwind, I don't think I've ever laughed as much as I did in the last ten days.  As much as I want to take you through every single moment that made me giggle, lets get to why you're really here.

The London Looks.  I truly was killing it in London, if I do say so myself.

I needed a kick of inspiration to get me out of my early onset winter wardrobe rut (I mean its barely January, we've got a long way to go), and what better than a trip across the pond to give me the inspiration I've been looking for? Nothing, duh. Below I've rounded up my top five looks from my trip + found you all the pieces you need to recreate them for yourself!

Look 1:

I joked that I was dressed as the union jack but it's totally the truth.  I immediately broke out my new red jacket after landing and was ready to hit the town.

Red Jacket - Under $100
Rolling Stones Tee - Under $40

Look 2:

Another winning moment was this mustard look.  As I blonde, I tend to shy away from mustard yellow but I loved this mod little dress, I had to go for it.  

Dress - Under $40
Duster - Under $40
Look 3:

How good is this sweatshirt? I'm wearing to every brunch from now on.

Sweatshirt - Under $25

Look 4:

This was one of my Edinburgh looks + probably my favorite.  Scotland is basically the capitol of plaid so bringing out these plaid pants was a must.  Tip: it rains constantly, be sure your umbrella is up to par with your looks.


Look 5:

The final london look was this red + black one.  I hate wearing skirts, but I forced myself into this little camo cutie, it was so worth it, especially paired with this show stopping red coat.  This hat was basically attached to my head the entire trip, due to a lack of water pressure in our airbnbs (my hair was a mess).  
Coat - Under $100
Skirt - Under $100

jan 9 18, 21:23
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New Years Eve Sparkles with Topshop

Hey sparkly merbabes! 2018 is right around the corner and that is a serious cause for celebration.  As you’re reading this I am somewhere running around London but let’s take it back to Chicago and give you a sneak peek at my New Year’s Eve look.

Topshop was the obvious choice for a sparkly evening look.  Although I really just wanted to stay in and wear my favorite boyfriend jeans, I forced myself to pick out something a little sassier.  I think I did a decent job...JK I totally killed the NYE game.  

Anytime I’m in need of a little glam, I turn to my favorite fashion decade for inspiration.  The 70s.  This jumpsuit gave me serious disco-diva vibes, I’m obsessed with the all-over crystal detailing and the halter neckline.  Since I’m always a faux fur girl but I challenged myself to go a little wild, new year new me right?,  I swapped my usual faux fur for a fringe cape.  This cape is to die for, between the multi-colored fringe are little patches of sequins, ugh yes please.   I completed the look with simple a baker boy hat and a pair of black heels.  

Your girl is ready to take on New Year’s Eve in London!  Now let us pray that I don’t end up asleep in bed before midnight.

Shop The Look

PS: I'm linking a TON of Topshop discounts for you to use! Check them out here.

dec 31 17, 12:29
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Never Outfit Repeat Again, Like Ever: A Four Step Guide

Hey Merbabes! Today we are talking outfit repeating.  The first time I ever heard this term was graduation scene of The Lizzie McGuire movie when Kate unzips Lizzie's graduation robe and shames her "its-kind-of-a-peasant-dress-but-it-might-just-be-a-baggy-disaster-of-questionable-fiber-content", that she wore to the spring dance and wore again to graduation.   Ever since that moment, my life was changed, no longer could I wear my favorite outfit over and over again, that was totally uncool.  Now I don't really care about what is cool versus what is uncool, but I do care about my Instagram feed, wait for it, this will all tie together in a second.

I can't even count the amount of times my friends have complained about not being able to post an Instagram photo because they wore the same outfit, a post or two back.  Now, I have never been in this situation, but it seems pretty tragic.  The reason I have never been in this situation isn't because I have an endless supply of clothes, it's because I shop smart, and I strategize my looks.  I'm sharing my top tips to help you never repeat an outfit ever again.  Unless you want to, then you do you.

1.  Get Your Basics in Check

I know I talk about basics literally all the time, but having a wardrobe that consists of basic pieces is a major key.  This took me a long time to learn...not really, I'm still v youthful, but back to my point,  I was obsessed with always owning the weirdest and wackiest pieces I could find.  While those pieces are perfect for creating a occasion look, they are not ideal for mixing and matching.  For a large portion of my teen years I owned more pink, faux fur than basic tee shirts.  It is far easier to build unique looks using basics that can be transformed, than building a look with that one sweater pink and green zebra-print sweater that only looks good with your light-wash flares.  I speak from experience.

For your basics, I recommend a couple tees, a solid button-up, jeans in multiple styles or if you're like me just a thousand pairs of boyfriend jeans, plus a few flirty tops for summer + sweaters for winter.

2. The Essential Third Piece

The "third-piece" is really what upgrades any outfit.  I often laugh to myself that I wear a white t-shirt and jeans 90% of the time and still call myself a fashion blogger.  It isn't the white tee and jeans that makes my outfit a look, its that third piece I added to it.  Adding just one item to an outfit adds depth and texture to an otherwise basic look.  Plus, you can easily swap out a jacket or kimono to give a that tee and jeans you wore yesterday a whole new vibe.  Outfit repeat swerved.

The third piece can be as simple as a pair of sunglasses or a bag, or it can be more integrated into the look like a kimono or jacket.

3. One-of-a-Kind Finds 

Once you have an army of basic in your wardrobe, it's time to spice up your life.  Some of my favorite pieces are vintage finds, like my Baby Phat camisole, or my FUBU jersey, but the rest are hidden gems I snagged from Zara, Asos, or Urban.

These fun finds don't seem the most versatile but they are what keep your wardrobe inspiring.  You would be surprised how easy it is to wear a pink and black striped faux fur jacket,  I literally used this Zara jacket as my third piece for every outfit last winter.  These wild pieces can become a replacement for your basics when you are looking to take your look to a new level.  After a couple tries you will be working and reworking that faux fur in ways you've never imagined.

4.  Step Outside Your Box

I'm not talking about getting really wild, and turning your tops into pants, and your jeans into a top, although I am so for that.  I'm talking taking two extra seconds in the morning to see your closet in a new way.  I am so guilty of skipping this step and complaining I have nothing to wear, when that obviously is not the case.  Sometimes all you need is a scroll through Instagram for a little inspiration,  I love saving images of outfits that incorporate pieces that are similar to ones that I already own.  Then, when I am struggling for my life to figure out what to wear, I can go into my inspo folders and locate a look that is within my reach.  Be sure to use all your resources, no one's closet is off limits in my eyes.  I love snagging my mom's sweaters or my dad's tees to supplement my wardrobe.

Another way to see pieces in a new light is to switch up when + where you are wearing your favorite items.  I love wearing track pants all the time, I pair mine with a bodysuit for an all day athleisure look, then swap out your gym shoes for heels to take your track pants from day to night.

I promise you that there is not one piece of clothing in your closet that only goes with one other piece.  It just takes time and effort to figure out how to wear pieces multiple ways.  Once you solve that magical equation there are endless opportunities for you to create look upon look upon look without constantly adding items of clothing to your cart.

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Blue Jean Baby: Graphic Tees + Jeans Roundup

Hey Merbabes!  To quote one of my latest Instagram captions "I'm on a strict diet of white tees, cropped denim, and slides for the rest of the summer.", wasn't kidding either.  I seriously have been living off jeans + tees recently, and although it sounds boring these simple pieces are seriously iconic.  A solid set of basics can lead you to the outfit of your dreams, you can layer up any jeans + tee look with kimonos, sunnies, bags, you name it.  

I've searched the internet for my favorite basics, all under $100, for you to build the look of your dreams with.  Of course, no outfit is complete with a little sass so these "basics" aren't quite your momma's basics.  Sassy graphic tees and distressed boyfriend jeans will keep these "basics" right on brand.  Plus, I've included four totally different jeans + tee looks to give you a little outfit building inspiration.

Shop the Look:

Shop Graphic Tees:

Shop Jeans:

What pieces are you wearing on repeat?

aug 18 17, 22:26
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Lollapalooza Look: Your Recipe for the Ultimate Festival Look

Hey Merbabes!  Lollapalooza week is upon us and if you're like me, you have no idea what you're wearing.  Yes, you could wear your Free People bralette and a pair of high-waisted denim shorts like every other girl out there, or you could step it up. 

This outfit is a breeze, literally no pants needed, just a killer vintage tee and some rocking accessories are all you need to up your Lolla look this year. 

Shop the Look:

This vintage Debbie Harry tee is the perfect festival piece, not only does it give off major girl power vibes (always a win) but it is long enough to pass as a dress, if for Lollapalooza only. I continued to build upon this look by adding in some accessories.  For festival style more is always acceptable, but dancing with a million pieces of jewelry flying around isn't much fun either.  I decided on a simple velvet choker and over-sized star earrings.  Obviously a solid pair of sunglasses is a must for any festival look.  To match my Debbie tee, I chose my favorite 80's-dad inspired sunglasses.

Shoes are always my biggest festival dilemma, because I love looking like a 10, but I am too old (19 going on 90) to stomp around in sassy sandals for 12 hours.  I decided to rock these platforms, LOL probably a bad choice.  Platforms to a music festival feels like a broken ankle waiting to use common sense on this one.  If I was actually going to Lollapalooza in this look I would probably swap out the platforms for my go-to music festival Dr Martens.

What are you wearing to Lollapalooza?

jul 30 17, 18:42
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