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LDN Hit List: Eat, Snack, + Sip

Tonight Josephine

Hey Merbabes!  It's been a month since #WorldTour + I figured it was time to give you a scoop on the  hottest spots I hit in London.  Out of all the places we visited I chose my top seven to share with you!  All of these spots are vegetarian, vegan, + gluten free friendly, Aubrey + I basically cover all the dietary restrictions you can dream of so you know we do our research.


Darcie + May Green

Have you ever had brunch on a rainbow boat?  Well, I have + it was amazing.  You'll pretty much become an honorary blogger after visiting a spot as cute as this one.


Farm Girl

Good, clean, beautiful food.  They have everything from avocado toast + gluten free pancakes to açaí bowls + lattes in every color of the rainbow.  Plus theres a cute French guy that works there.



Maitre Choux

Its v rare I sit down + eat a box of pastries, like I don't think I've ever down that before.  Until I went to Maitre Choux + became the queen of eclairs.


Hip Chips

Salty or sweet, with your choice of dips.  Sign me up over + over again.  This is a brilliant concept that I pray on the daily someone will steal + open in Chicago.



Allergy free fro-yo for all! No dairy, no gluten, no nuts, no junk.  Plus it comes served with your choice of waffles of crepes, as if you needed any more convincing.



Tonight Josephine

Go for the neon signs + the wallpaper in the bathroom, stay for the music.


Palm Vaults

Rainbow, sparkly, pink matcha +  the most perfect branding you'll ever see.  Pink, green, + palms! I visited the pop-up at fiorucci but my #1 place to go during my next London trip is their permanent location.



I already wrote an entire post on this place! Read it here.


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Born to be Mild: Transitional Weather Look + A Fanny Pack Hack

Hey Hey Merbabe!  Happy Wednesday, how is your week going so far?  It looks like our double snow day has wrapped up and now its finally time for spring.  Maybe? Please? But honestly probably not, so I have yet another look for you to rock during this treacherous time.  I am just so over wearing sweaters, luckily for us there are so many ways to slowly break out your spring favorites while still staying weather appropriate and more importantly warm!

Shop the Look:

 Can we just TALK about this t-shirt?  "Born to be Mild" just soak it in.  I think the reason that I find this shirt so funny is that is it so true to me.  Although I dress fabulously and act like I am cool, I am not.  I am so vanilla.  I go to bed every night before 11 and wake up every morning before 7.  My beverage of choice will always be hot green tea, I love reading books, wrapping myself furry blankets, and staring for hours at social media, all while wearing dad jeans and New Balances.

How fun is the graphic though?  I love the groovy font with the red contrasting trim.  This tee is definitely becoming one of my favorite statement tees.   See my other statement tee looks #1 and #2.  This sassy t-shirt will make the perfect addition to a pair of cut-offs for a fun festival look this summer, only if you are truly going to be mild at the festival.  Always stay true to your brand.

I also just really appreciate the word "mild", as I like to think I coined the term "mildly attractive".  To use it in a sentence: "He isn't hot, but he isn't ugly, he's like mildly attractive", that is something I have actually said out loud before, and I use that term daily.

Fun DIY life hack!  Everyone and their momma's are rocking mini cross-body purses right now,  I love my mini purse by Missco Girl. There are seriously such a fun addition to any bag collection.  Along with the rise of the mini purse is also been the return of the fanny pack.  These two pieces are so close in shape so I decided to combine them into one (with the help of Kelly of course because she is the brains behind almost everything I do).  I took my Missco Girl mini cross-body bag and unclipped the chain on one side.  Then, I simply looped the chain through my belt loops on my jeans. There was a little extra chain leftover so I just looped it over and over again around my belt loop in the front, tbh there is probably a better solution but this was a quick and easy fix!  It hangs a little lower than a fanny pack but still has that fun, fanny pack vibe.

I totally get why people wear fanny packs after  wearing my mini purse as one for a day.  It is so convenient to have all your belongings right at your crotch!  Thats me being kind of sarcastic but also kind of serious.

 With my "mild" statement t-shirt I paired my trusty, dark-wash flares.  I truly believe that you should own more jeans than anything else, but at least have a good pair of dark flares.  I have a dark blue pair (actually two) along with this black pair and I wear them equally often.  Flares are extremely elongating to your legs and dark denim is already flattering so pair them together and BAM.  Magic.  I also really adore that this pair of flares are high-rise, there is nothing worse than a pair of low rise jeans.  They seriously make me feel so exposed, high-rise jeans are perfect for achieving the beloved half-tuck look.  Just tuck in a section of your statement tee and pull it out a bit to give it a casual, cool vibe.

I couldn't keep this look too too mild so I added a faux fur coat.  Shocking I know.  I just love rocking this leopard faux fur coat.  I feel half Cheetah Girl half Mick Jagger, trust me, that is a great way to feel.  The only thing I will miss about winter is wearing faux fur.  I always try to pull out my faux fur coats half-way through July only to realize what an awful idea that is five minutes later.

Have you stopped by my Boutique lately? Lots of new spring arrivals are popping up on the daily!


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Cool Things To Do for Cool Young People in Chicago: Museum Hack at the Art Institute

Hey Mer-babes! I am always looking for fun things to do around the city, that aren't just eating.  Whenever I am spending the day with a friend the only activity that ever crosses my mind is to go out to eat, and while that is arguably the best way to spend time there are a million other amazing activities in the city of Chicago.  I am so excited to explore the thousands of cool things to do in the city and bring my first hand account to you.  Thats where "Cool Things To Do for Cool Young People in Chicago" comes in.  A simple name (LOL) for a simple idea that is actually crazy difficult IRL, finding activities to do that aren't completely lame is a struggle! The first edition is all about Museum Hack.

The first thing I will tell you about Museum Hack is I have literally never laughed so hard in a museum ever.  TBH I have a really hard time with museums because I have a very short attention span and I like to move quickly.  I rarely stop to look at the art and really breathe it in, that doesn't appeal to me at all.  Over the summer I saw the entire Whitney museum in New York in about 45 minutes; every floor, every room.  It's not that I don't adore art, I find it completely fascinating, moving, and goose bump worthy but I am always on the go, I don't stop for anything, not even art.

To say I was skeptical about Museum Hack would be accurate but on their website it says "This isn't your grandma's museum tour" so that sounded promising enough.  In Chicago they offer tours at the Art Institute, but they also offer tours in New York, D.C., and San Francisco.  When we first arrived our tour guide Mark was waiting for us, and I was a little nervous.  I have this awful attitude problem where I don't like people who act smarter than me, like your average tour guide tends to do.  Mark was a total winner because he wasn't acting as some "I-know-better-than-you" smarty-arty guy but as a story-teller with all the best gossip.  You know I am all about sipping tea and talking art gossip so I was ready to go.

I don't want to get into too many details of the tour because I want you to experience it first hand, and laugh at hard as I did, but I will give you a quick rundown.  Mark picked out his favorite pieces and had all the deets, the good, the bad, and the funny.  Without a painting in the Art Institute there wouldn't be Ghost-Busters, for real .  Another fun fact is that monkeys were considered the epitome of wealth back in 18th century France, there is a set of monkeys in the Art Institute dressed as musicians that was a gift to Madame de Pompadour from Louis XV himself and to say they are hilarious is an understatement.   We also hung out in the #1 public make out spot in Chicago, who knew that was even a thing?!

Not only did we learn about the art we played with the art.  In the modern wing, each person had to prepare a three course meal using pieces of art.  It was seriously so much fun and an activity I want to go back and do on my own time.  My vanilla ice cream sundae was someone else's cheese platter and that is honestly what art is all about.

 While we were on our tour one of our tasks was to find our Art Institute Soul Mate, and at the end of the tour we had to present our love story.  I chose a chair, naturally, as one does.  This was no ordinary chair it was a luxurious chair with gold, pink, and literally all the tassels, what else could a girl ask for?  My love story was so moving I won a Picasso sticker book! Score.  We also wrote postcards, I wrote one to my grandma but don't tell her because she reads my blog, and took a photo with our Spirit Statue.  I took a selfie with Truth while she looked at herself in the mirror, we are one in the same really.   We were in the Art Institute for two hours and I didn't even check the time on my phone once.  We finished the tour and I was shocked that I had been that engrossed in the experience for 120 minutes, which is like 10 years in millennial time.

I seriously recommend you book a tour with Museum Hack, it is the perfect indoor activity and a total escape from the brutal and often boring winter months.  Museum Hack doesn't only offer public tours they also offer team-building workshops which are the opposite of lame.  The workshops are complete with scavenger hunts, and tons of activities for the ultimate team building experience.  

You babes have to share with me your experiences with Museum Hack, or literally just take me with you! 10/10 recommend.  

jan 15 17, 02:34
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Runaway Prom Queen: Photo Diary with Laudi Vidni

Hey Mer-babes! I hope your week is off to a killer start.  It feels like this week is finally back to real life after a whirlwind of holiday cheer.  TBH I am not mad about it at all, I love getting back into my daily routine.  I love making daily to-do lists and planning out everything from my morning workout to the emails I am going to send.  Seeing things laid out on a piece of paper works wonders for me, when I have things swirling around in my head I usually end up in tears saying something like "I'm just really overwhelmed"; but the moment I write things down and see that in reality its only four tasks it seems much more manageable.  

 I am so excited to share this shoot I did with Laudi Vidni back in December.  Laudi Vidni is all about individuality, its literally "Individual" spelled backwards, cute right?  As literally the #1 fan of "being yourself" I was so excited for this project.  The coolest part of Laudi is that you can completely customize your bag, you pick out the style then pick your leathers.  It's like the Yumiko of handbags.  (Its a dancer thing, if you know you know.)

I picked out this Brio Bucket Bag for the shoot, the geometric blue leather and the pop of magenta is what really spoke to me.  To match a bag this bold I knew I had to go bold, but I also wanted to let the bag shine.  I paired my sophomore year prom dress, T God I had good taste right?, with a shrunken leather jacket.  The contrast of the tulle skirt with the edgy jacket and bag are giving me so much life.  

What does your dream bag look like? Let me know in the comments below!!

Photos by: Kohl Murdock

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