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New Years Eve Sparkles with Topshop

Hey sparkly merbabes! 2018 is right around the corner and that is a serious cause for celebration.  As you’re reading this I am somewhere running around London but let’s take it back to Chicago and give you a sneak peek at my New Year’s Eve look.

Topshop was the obvious choice for a sparkly evening look.  Although I really just wanted to stay in and wear my favorite boyfriend jeans, I forced myself to pick out something a little sassier.  I think I did a decent job...JK I totally killed the NYE game.  

Anytime I’m in need of a little glam, I turn to my favorite fashion decade for inspiration.  The 70s.  This jumpsuit gave me serious disco-diva vibes, I’m obsessed with the all-over crystal detailing and the halter neckline.  Since I’m always a faux fur girl but I challenged myself to go a little wild, new year new me right?,  I swapped my usual faux fur for a fringe cape.  This cape is to die for, between the multi-colored fringe are little patches of sequins, ugh yes please.   I completed the look with simple a baker boy hat and a pair of black heels.  

Your girl is ready to take on New Year’s Eve in London!  Now let us pray that I don’t end up asleep in bed before midnight.

Shop The Look

PS: I'm linking a TON of Topshop discounts for you to use! Check them out here.

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Father Daughter Diaries with Hammer Made

 Hey Merbabe, just a friendly reminder that Father's Day is just around the corner, as in this Sunday.  Father's day gift guides have never been much assistance in picking out the perfect Father's Day gift for Dan.  It is always the same old toolbox (no), weird tech gadget (no), or sports jersey (no, never ever),  my dad is way cooler than all of those things.

This year, I partnered up with Hammer Made to create my own Father's Day Gift Guide for the Cool Dad.

I picked out three shirts for Dan, two that I knew he would love, and a short-sleeved one that I loved and knew he would eventually rock.  It seems like my dad already has every single print you could imagine on a button-up, but Hammer Made had prints that has never been part of his vast collection.  I picked out a classic blue stripe, a green polka dot, and a fruity pattern perfect for summer.  Hammer Made shirts are all made in small runs of about 30 per fabric, AKA you won't send your dad off into the world looking like every other dad.

No gift is complete without a few accessories.  Along with his shirts, I added some patterned socks and magnetic collar stays, perfect for the guy who has it all.  

Not only did Dan get to rock his new Hammer Made shirt but I did too!  I loved styling this matching look for the two of us.   A pair of bubblegum pink shorts really brought forward the colors in his fruity-printed shirt, I love the combination of shorts with a button-up, it is the perfect way to convert your favorite "work shirt" into stylish weekend wear.

I got to rock my favorite shirt of the three, this fun dotted short-sleeve.  My favorite part of this shirt has to be the contrasting palm print on the collar and sleeve.  Hammer Made shirts have unique, contrasting details that give their shirts major personality.

I am lucky enough to have a cool dad who lets me steal literally all of his clothes, his jean jacket, his track jacket... you get the point.  If your dad's closet isn't as on trend as Dan's, Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to help upgrade his look.  Its a win for everyone, your dad gets a new look, and you get a second closet.

Hammer Made has three locations in Chicago and other around the country!  Stop in to one of their stores of order online to get your dad a Father's Day gift he (and you) will love.  

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Sparkle Baby: The Outfit You Need to Be Wearing New Years Eve

 Hey Mer-babes! I love putting together New Years Eve outfits, it is the one time of year where normal people dress like we do on a regular basis.  Sparkles, sequins, shine, and of course velvet are the building blocks of a killer New Year's Eve look.  I paired to off the most popular silhouettes this season, the off the shoulder top and bell bottom pants to create the ultimate New Year's Eve party look.

This outfit is seriously so much fun, I put it together with pieces from Sans Souci one of my favorite places to shop.  They always have super trendy pieces for an amazing price.  This metallic off the shoulder blouse (shop here) screams party, especially when paired with velvet bell bottoms (shop here).  The textures on these pieces combine flawlessly for a trendy look that is easy to pull off.  With this look I paired a gold metallic clutch (shop here) that really brought out the gold in this off the shoulder blouse, plus it is on sale for $30! 

What fabulous plans do you have happening for New Year's Eve? I currently have none but of course have close to six outfits to wear.  I will probably end up dressing cute, taking an Instagram photo, then heading to bed by 10 PM.

Have you shopped my after Christmas sale roundup? It is going to be 2017 in a matter of days (ahhhh) so make sure your closet has been refreshed for the New Year.  You can also shop my accessories along with a curated collection of my favorite pieces straight from my trend shop under the boutique tab.  

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You Should Be On A Christmas Card: The Holiday Party Look You Need for the Rest of the Year

Hey Mer-babes! Christmas is almost upon us and New Years is right around the corner.  I am sure between now and 2017 you have 1,000 events to attend, between BFF brunches and cookie swaps to Christmas dinners and NYE parties, and this one look will get you through them all.  I promise.

Shop the Post:

This look is honestly too simple, a slip dress, a puffer coat, a clutch, and chunky boots.  Thats it.  Then, you can add all the layers you desire.  I started with this amazing vintage D&G dress (shop similar here), honestly I hate wearing mini dresses; I always feel like a tube of toothpaste and majorly over exposed, but this beauty is too good to keep hidden in the closet.  The best part of the slip dress is the ability to wear it a thousand ways, for a family dinner sneak a turtleneck underneath and slip on a pair of black tights for a totally appropriate look.   Alternatively, for a night out pair your slip with bold jewels and a thigh high boot!

Its all about keeping warm this winter so I paired my slip dress with an olive green puffer coat (shop here), I always thought puffer coats were stupid and looked like marshmallows but I am a changed woman,  I can not get enough.  Gold accessories are always a "yes" in my book but work perfectly for the holiday season.  I paired this holiday slip dress with a gold chunky boot (shop here) and a gold clutch (shop here).  This Missco Girl gold clutch (shop here) is the perfect party piece, it is super inexpensive, $39, and the larger than the average clutch making room for all eight of the lipsticks you HAVE to have with you.  

There are only THREE days left to enter my Golden Birthday Giveaway so run as fast as you can and enter!

dec 22 16, 17:48
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Golden Birthday Celebration: Ain't No Party like a Pizza Party + 19 Life Lessons

Hey Mer-babes! I am currently on the couch with some sort of flu like virus which is definitely not how I wanted to spend my birthday, but what are you going to do?  I am very excited to be sharing my pizza party photo diary with you all!  I am seriously obsessed with this shoot, 19 pizzas are definitely the way to this girl's heart.  

Shop the Look:

For my golden birthday outfit I had to get all the shimmer and shine I possibly could into one look.  I knew this skirt (shop here) was the perfect piece to start building my look.  This metallic pleated skirt is amazing in person but really shines on camera, the silver and gold look so rich.  A metallic pleated skirt like this one (shop here) paired with a sparkly top will be the ultimate look for a New Years Eve party.  With the skirt I paired a fabulous fair isle sweater (shop here).  This is no ordinary fair isle sweater, it has flecks of copper and gold along the neckline.  Fair Isle sweaters have become one of my favorite winter wardrobe pieces, they are so classic but have been redone in so many fun ways. My favorite part of this look may have to be these gold boots (shop here), these will definitely be the shoes to get me through the winter in style.  Don't be afraid to mix different metals in one look, this look seems to have all the metals but it pulls together very cohesively.

To portion of the shoot was so much fun to play around with, there are endless ways to rearrange 19 pizzas.  The warm tones of the pizzas, the golden balloons, and this mixed metal look came together to create something quite magical.  

Head to the bottom of this post to read my 19 life lessons I have learned before I turned 19.  I am so excited to take on my last year as a teen, but right now I am going back to bed.  

19 Things Ive Learned before 19:

Be your own biggest fan.

Find what you love and never look back.

Use your head.

Eat pizza and also eat kale.

Treat yourself often.

Don't put yourself down - ever.

Get a retail job, it's humbling to say the least.

Mask all the time. 

Know when to take yourself seriously.

Drink green tea. 

Don’t try to please anyone.

But do make your parents proud.

Cherish your alone time.

Change up your hair.

Get up off of that thing, endorphins are your BFF.

Never take less than you deserve.

Forget "appropriate".

Laugh constantly.

Finish each day with extra dark chocolate.

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Golden Birthday Giveaway: Skincare, Shoes, and More

Hey Baby-babies! I could not wait a moment longer to launch my Golden Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway!  I am calling this the Mermaid Waves Starter Kit as it includes all of my favorite things.  Originally this started out as a giveaway of 19 of my favorite products / retailers but the goods just kept coming and now there are 20 + amazing items that one lucky babe will win!

Pictured below are only some of the amazing prizes you will be getting your hands on when you win!  Choc Choc Beauty donated my FAVORITE sheet masks and a honey cream to keep your skin glowing this winter.   The Trendy Sparrow and Taylor Elliot Designs are a match made in #girlboss heaven with the perfect notebook and pen combination.  Kalastyle is serving up some major mermaid vibes with this seaweed soap and candle duo.  Get your legs ready for that mid-winter vacation with Say Hello To Sexy Legs, highlighting and contouring kit.  Rad and Refined has you covered for 2017 Festival Season with some rad sunnies and a Festy Besty Backpack.  Boy Meets Girl is the "cool girl" athleisure line that you wardrobe needs this winter, you will win their classic hoodie.  If you know me you know I don't leave the house without a pair of Skechers on my feet, the winner will get to choose a pair of shoes!  Dani just wouldn't be Dani without some tea, I have included two boxes of my favorites from David's Tea.  There will also be some secret goodies picked out specially by me, inside the backpack, as if the list wasn't already good enough.  

You all are the loves of my lives and I am so excited to give back to my amazing and loyal followers.  The best birthday present I could receive this year, is the joy of giving this gift to one of you!  Head to the bottom of this post to enter! You can enter multiple ways, the more ways you enter the better your chance of winning, each of you has the opportunity to enter 17+ times.  

The contest begins RIGHT NOW closes the day after Christmas so ENTER ENTER ENTER!

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Golden Birthday Celebration: Pizza Party Photo Diary + #19onthe19 Playlist

Hey Mer-babes! I just could not wait a moment longer for the Golden Birthday Celebration to begin! The first of the birthday series is a photo diary from my latest shoot along with a playlist! 

This shoot was such a dream come true, and my biggest project yet.  I had so much fun putting this shoot together as it took on all my favorite things: gold, birthdays, and pizza. I made the mood board, found the space, and styled the looks, not bad for a barely 19 year old.  As always, this was a family matter so I have the thank my father for gathering 19(I wish I could capitalize numbers) pizzas, and my mother for taking these amazing pictures.  

For this first look I went with something more casual than my everyday street style looks.  This look is my take on the it-girl / model off duty look, think Bella, Kylie, Kendall, etc.  A good pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute sports bra can go a long way when paired with fun props like balloons and pizza(s).

 Pro tip: pizza is the ultimate Instagram prop, you literally can not look bad while holding a slice. 

For my birthday I am bringing you all kinds of fun exclusive content.  This post includes my #19onthe19 playlist featuring a song from each year from 1997 to today.  Except for 2006, that year got two songs because "Unwritten" vs "Sexyback" was a tie I was not willing to break.  This playlist was so much fun putting together; "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne was my favorite song of all time and was one of the first CDs I owned.  Then, I realized that it was from 2002, LOL, clearly I was quite the angsty five year old.  "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani was my life in 2005, I had the Gwen Barbie doll and I swear she is the reason I have blonde hair today.  I feel very blessed to have been born in the year that "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls was topping the charts.  Listening to some of these songs now makes my ears want to bleed but the memories are just too good not to relive.

 Listen to the playlist and let me know which songs were some of your favorites and which ones I missed!

Shop the Look:

My favorite songs from the last 19 years.

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Shake Your Pom Poms: Rock this Piece to Every Holiday Party

Hey Mer-babes!  Birthday week starts Tuesday and it will be kicking off with a crazy-amazing photoshoot.  After that the madness begins, its my last birthday as a teenager, THANK GOD, and we are going to celebrate!  Be sure you are following along on Snapchat (danimikay) and Instagram stories (mermaidwaves) to get the first look at the golden birthday celebration. 

Now onto the good stuff, like this sweater.  This ASOS sweater dress (shop here) is everything you need this season, and so much cooler than your average ugly Christmas sweater. .  From Ugly Sweater parties to baking cookies to every other assorted holiday gatherings, you will be the center of attention.  I am obsessed with the movement and dimension of this sweater dress, bye bye boring knits.  You can shimmy and shake and your pom-poms will move with you! You can make this sweater dress work for so many different occasions depending on how you style it.   I went with a flirty fun look with a pair of over the knee boots (shop here) and a velvet choker (shop here).  These over the knee boots (shop here) have definitely been my favorite shoes of the season, the taupe color is so versatile and much softer than the average black boot.  

I kept this look super simple to let my pom-poms do the talking but you could pair this sweater dress with a chunky knit scarf (shop here) or accessories of your choosing.  For a more casual day time look you could swap out the bare legs for a pair of jeans in you style of choice, flares for me obvi.  I have yet to try to put a coat on over this sweater so that will a bit of an adventure. But looking this good is worth a little chill! 

What holiday parties are you heading to this season? I am heading to none (LOL) so I have lots of time to help you get ready for yours!  You can always message me on Snapchat with questions you have or any looks you want to see on Mermaid Waves.  

Shop the Post:

Shop Pom Pom:

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Girlfriend Gift Guide: Novelty Bags

Hey BB Girl!  Are you still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite babe (or yourself)?  Ive got you!  Novelty bags are the perfect gift for all the ladies in your life; whether your girl is a Disney princess, a fashion diva, a foodie or all of the above; there is a bag out there for her.  I am obsessed with novelty bags.  Give me any cute colorful shape with a shoulder strap and I'm in.  I have a pizza (or two), a fried egg, an Instagram logo, and a strawberry milk carton just to name a few.

Each novelty bag is so different from the other your collection can continue to grow and grow, making these bags a perfect gift!  I love to pair my novelty bags with a simple day time look like jeans and a tee shirt to really let my bag shine.  It is impossible to leave the house with a novelty bag and not be showered with compliments, I am serious. Try it.

 Below are the novelty bags that I have been obsessing over this season, along with the perfect keychains to turn any ordinary bag into something a little extra.  These bags are all different price ranges as well making them the perfect choice for gift giving season.

Remember you can shop this post by clicking on the link coordinated with the numbers below, or by clicking directly on the bag you want to shop!   Shop my holiday gifts in my HOLLA-day shop along with the other Girlfriend Gift Guides!

XO and Happy Shopping!

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Don't Stop the Shop: All the Best Cyber Monday Deals - UPDATED

Hey Mer-babes! Any shopping diva knows tomorrow is the real shopping holiday.  Cyber Monday has always been the biggest day to shop in my book.  The ability for me to never leave my house  makes Cyber Monday a real winner, no pants no problems.  Plus retailers tend to save the best for last, meaning Cyber Monday deals are the best deals of the shopping weekend.  Although I have already done some shopping these weekend, I couldn't resist, I am most excited about the amazing sales I have listed below.  These sales have already begun so you can get shopping immediately!

Below I have 24 sales listed with direct links for you to shop along with coupon codes for you to get you Cyber Monday on!  Happy Shopping! Snapchat (danimikay) me your purchases!

American Apparel- Still on!
Extra 60% of sale and 40% off sweater with code CYBER

American Eagle + Aerie - Still on!
50% off cold weather accessories and sweaters, BOGO on bralettes
Asos - Updated 
30% off party looks

22 more sales listed below!

25% off site wide with code CYBER25

Benefit- Still on!
20% off all orders of $50 or more with code CYBER

Take 25% off a large selection of regular and sale-price items for a total savings of 60%

Boohoo- Still on!
Up to 50% off everything and free shipping

Carbon38- Still on!
Extra 20% off on sale.  Up to 70% off favorite styles

50% off everything, no exclusions with code CYBMON

20% off your order of $30+ with code 5144
25% off your order of $50+ with code 0275
30% off your order of $100+ with code 8284

J. Crew
40% off your purchase with code MONDAY

Kate Spade- Still on!
Take 30% off your purchase with code WIRED

Love Emme
35% off everything and free shipping with code DANI

Nasty Gal- Still on!
Up to 80% off sale

Extra 20% off selected sale items

Outdoor Voices
20% off your purchase with code HEY-HI-HELLO

River Island - Updated
Free Worldwide Delivery

Revolve- Still on!
Take 20% off final sale with code CYBER20

20% off all full priced items with code CYBERMONDAY

Use code GOBIG16 for
15% off orders of $200+
20% off orders of 500+
25% off orders of $800+

Show Me Your MuMu
50% off sale with code MUMUSALE50

Target- Still on!
Save 15% off your entire purchase

The Real Real
Shop up to 75% off luxury consignment

Topshop- Still on!
Up to 50% off select items

$15 off of orders of $75 or $50 off of orders of $150

Wildfox - Updates
Extra 30% off site wide with code ALLMINE

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