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Never Outfit Repeat Again, Like Ever: A Four Step Guide

Hey Merbabes! Today we are talking outfit repeating.  The first time I ever heard this term was graduation scene of The Lizzie McGuire movie when Kate unzips Lizzie's graduation robe and shames her "its-kind-of-a-peasant-dress-but-it-might-just-be-a-baggy-disaster-of-questionable-fiber-content", that she wore to the spring dance and wore again to graduation.   Ever since that moment, my life was changed, no longer could I wear my favorite outfit over and over again, that was totally uncool.  Now I don't really care about what is cool versus what is uncool, but I do care about my Instagram feed, wait for it, this will all tie together in a second.

I can't even count the amount of times my friends have complained about not being able to post an Instagram photo because they wore the same outfit, a post or two back.  Now, I have never been in this situation, but it seems pretty tragic.  The reason I have never been in this situation isn't because I have an endless supply of clothes, it's because I shop smart, and I strategize my looks.  I'm sharing my top tips to help you never repeat an outfit ever again.  Unless you want to, then you do you.

1.  Get Your Basics in Check

I know I talk about basics literally all the time, but having a wardrobe that consists of basic pieces is a major key.  This took me a long time to learn...not really, I'm still v youthful, but back to my point,  I was obsessed with always owning the weirdest and wackiest pieces I could find.  While those pieces are perfect for creating a occasion look, they are not ideal for mixing and matching.  For a large portion of my teen years I owned more pink, faux fur than basic tee shirts.  It is far easier to build unique looks using basics that can be transformed, than building a look with that one sweater pink and green zebra-print sweater that only looks good with your light-wash flares.  I speak from experience.

For your basics, I recommend a couple tees, a solid button-up, jeans in multiple styles or if you're like me just a thousand pairs of boyfriend jeans, plus a few flirty tops for summer + sweaters for winter.

2. The Essential Third Piece

The "third-piece" is really what upgrades any outfit.  I often laugh to myself that I wear a white t-shirt and jeans 90% of the time and still call myself a fashion blogger.  It isn't the white tee and jeans that makes my outfit a look, its that third piece I added to it.  Adding just one item to an outfit adds depth and texture to an otherwise basic look.  Plus, you can easily swap out a jacket or kimono to give a that tee and jeans you wore yesterday a whole new vibe.  Outfit repeat swerved.

The third piece can be as simple as a pair of sunglasses or a bag, or it can be more integrated into the look like a kimono or jacket.

3. One-of-a-Kind Finds 

Once you have an army of basic in your wardrobe, it's time to spice up your life.  Some of my favorite pieces are vintage finds, like my Baby Phat camisole, or my FUBU jersey, but the rest are hidden gems I snagged from Zara, Asos, or Urban.

These fun finds don't seem the most versatile but they are what keep your wardrobe inspiring.  You would be surprised how easy it is to wear a pink and black striped faux fur jacket,  I literally used this Zara jacket as my third piece for every outfit last winter.  These wild pieces can become a replacement for your basics when you are looking to take your look to a new level.  After a couple tries you will be working and reworking that faux fur in ways you've never imagined.

4.  Step Outside Your Box

I'm not talking about getting really wild, and turning your tops into pants, and your jeans into a top, although I am so for that.  I'm talking taking two extra seconds in the morning to see your closet in a new way.  I am so guilty of skipping this step and complaining I have nothing to wear, when that obviously is not the case.  Sometimes all you need is a scroll through Instagram for a little inspiration,  I love saving images of outfits that incorporate pieces that are similar to ones that I already own.  Then, when I am struggling for my life to figure out what to wear, I can go into my inspo folders and locate a look that is within my reach.  Be sure to use all your resources, no one's closet is off limits in my eyes.  I love snagging my mom's sweaters or my dad's tees to supplement my wardrobe.

Another way to see pieces in a new light is to switch up when + where you are wearing your favorite items.  I love wearing track pants all the time, I pair mine with a bodysuit for an all day athleisure look, then swap out your gym shoes for heels to take your track pants from day to night.

I promise you that there is not one piece of clothing in your closet that only goes with one other piece.  It just takes time and effort to figure out how to wear pieces multiple ways.  Once you solve that magical equation there are endless opportunities for you to create look upon look upon look without constantly adding items of clothing to your cart.

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Back to School: Majoring in Cute

Back to school is just around the corner, lucky for me its the first time in my life that I can remember where I am not filled with all the emotions that come from starting school.  Stressing about the stress I'm going to have, trying to figure out how to successfully avoid people for the entire year, and the endless outfit planning.  Even though I am not heading back to school I wouldn't leave my readers who are hanging.  This is the first of my "back to school" looks and its for all my cuties, sometimes I wish I was heading back to kindergarten and I think this look shows just that.  

Today is the last day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and your last chance to get this adorable Topshop dress for $45 (shop here).  I am loving the tee shirt under a dress trend happening now, it totally takes me back to elementary school and my love for layering shirts.  I'm pretty sure I wore like four shirts everyday, I've always been a risk taker when it comes to fashion.  I layered a basic Gap tee (shop here) under this denim dress, you could switch out the tee for a bralette or crop top for less of a school girl vibe.  A pair of white loafers (shop similar) will have you looking like you're at the top of your class even if you aren't, dress the part!  A Jump from Paper backpack (shop here) will definitely make you the talk of the school, you may only fit a few papers inside but you will look way cool.  To finish off the look I used an old pointe shoe ribbon as a bow choker!

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Elle Yes!

I watched Legally Blonde last week and my life suddenly began to make sense again.  Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration from one of your favorite heroines and mine is Elle Woods.  I have been feeling lost and not like myself lately but that movie is the perfect reminder to remain true to yourself and that with dedication and a lot of pink you will succeed.  I found these amazing pink sunnies (shop similar) this weekend and after putting them on, I immediately began to feel like myself again. Isn't it crazy how much power a piece of clothing has?  I am obsessing over this Topshop wrap dress (shop here) I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, its still going on for a few more days and this dress is under $50.  I am really loving the color palette of this dress, if you are fearful of pink its a very subtle way to incorporate it into your look.  The deep V in the back of the dress makes it a total show stopper.  I had to finish off the look with some Elle-ccesories, my favorite marabou heels (shop here), a pizza necklace (shop here), and of course Princess!

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Home Sweet Home

Threw myself a huge welcome home celebration complete with all my favorite foods and Chicago spots this weekend.  I am so happy to be back in the city and to have access to my full closet!  A girl can only last so long with six pairs of shoes.  I was welcomed home with some super exciting packages including this Camixa shirt dress (shop here).  This dress is the perfect staple piece for your wardrobe, it can be worn with a belt, over pants, or alone.  My roots are way overgrown so I covered them up with this Who What Wear hat (shop here), I feel this is the hat Madeleine would wear when she grew out of her little yellow one.  One of the things I was most excited to come home to was my new Christian Paul watch (shop here),  I love watches but often have a hard time finding one feminine and delicate enough for my tiny wrist.  This watch is perfect, I love the grid design and the blush strap.   I finished off this look with a pair of platforms (shop similar) for some extra height, matching your shoes to your watch is definitely the next hottest pairing.  

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The Breakup: Part Two

A few weeks ago I showed you how to breakup with your two piece set and style the top, now it's time for the pants.  These wide leg pants from Asos (shop) are so on trend right now, every resort show this season had their share of patterned wide leg pants.  I was feeling inspired by the Revolve parties in the Hamptons over this past month, so I put together my best Hamptons chic look.  I paired my pants with a vintage J. Crew halter (shop similar), the knit halter gives this look a totally laid back vibe while still staying chic.  I finished the look with white slides (shop similar) and my favorite Wildfox sunnies (shop).  Princess the purse has become like my pet, I never have been a dog or a cat person but I think its because I am a purse person!  She sits on the table while I eat and I even got her a little toy, notice the poof.

In a week I will be back in Chicago! I am so excited to come home, and I can't not wait for an exciting season of blogging nonstop! I want to bring lots of new content your way, what would you like to see more of on Mermaid Waves? Let me know in the comments.  

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Top Picks

I can't remember a time in my life where the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was not a part of it.  Every summer I would start picking out my fall wardrobe and all my back to school looks, it was my favorite part of summer vacation.  I have rounded up my some of my favorite pieces from the sale for you to shop! The sale is early access until July 22, so if you aren't a card holder be sure to mark your calendars for the 22, but you get a special sneak peek!  Prices go up August 8 so get shopping!

Play Dress Up.

Shop: Top Left - Alice + Olivia Middle - Topshop Top Right -Topshop (under $50!)
Bottom Left - Topshop (under $50!) Bottom Left - Cece

Top it off.

Shop: Top Left - Rebecca Taylor Top Middle - Topshop Top Right - ASTR (under $50!)
Bottom Left - BP (under $30!) Bottom Left - BP (under $20!!)

Bottoms up.
Shop: Left - BP Top Left - Leith (under $50) Top Right - FRAME
Bottom Left - Leith (under $40) Bottom Left - Joe's

Over the top.
Shop: Top Left - Topshop Top Right - BLANKNYC Right - Rag & Bone
Bottom Left - Truth & Pride Bottom Right - Topshop (under $100!)

Complete the look.
Shop: Top Left - Timberland (under $100!) Top Middle - BP (under $40!) Top Left - Vince Camuto (under 100!) Bottom Left - Louise et Cie Bottom Right - BCBGMAXAZRIA

Which pieces can you not wait to get you hands on? Let me know in the comments!

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Do You Even Nature?

One of the amazing parts of staying in Salt Lake City is all the beautiful hiking trails.  I went up a trail one evening with a friend not expecting to find such beauty, we had to have an impromptu photoshoot (never leave home without your camera).  For this evening hike I had to look fabulous, duh, but still needed to be able to climb a mountain.  I started with a super simple look, a Free People denim skirt (shop) and a Forever 21 cropped tank (shop).  My Skechers are my goto shoe for anything slightly athletic and this definitely qualified.  I wore my Skechers D'lites (shop) and paired it with a high black sock, suburban white boy style.  With a simple look I love to go nuts with accessories,  I threw on a tiny charm necklace, giant hoops, a belt, and my favorite sunnies (shop).  Hoops are a great way to up any look, they are definitely the latest and greatest addition to my daily uniform.  This hike was quite the accomplishment so naturally it had to be documented with a couple selfies.  

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One Piece - All Season

This season I am all about staying cool but still looking chic.  This amazing kaftan by Graciela Liorente is helping me do just that.  These bold colors are perfect for the holiday weekend! A kaftan is the perfect piece to wear all summer long because of its amazing versatility.  You could spend the day at the beach, on a boat, at brunch, or all of the above and a kaftan will take you all of those places.  I styled mine for daytime with a pair of heels and a messy braid but you could easily take this piece to the beach and layer it over your favorite suit.   Have a Happy Fourth of July and get yourself a kaftan.    

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The Breakup: Part One

Everyone loves a good two piece set, throw it on and run out the door.  But I feel these pieces get neglected, often they are super cute and wearable on their own but we just don't even think hard enough to style them in any other way.  So, today I'm sharing how to breakup with your two-piece set.  I started with the top from my Pajama Party Chic post.  Its a great ASOS camisole (shop here) with unique silhouette, and could totally stand on its own.  I paired it with a Free People denim mini (shop here) for a super casual look.  I spent my day at the Utah Arts Festival and in this 90 degree heat I needed a look to help keep my cool.  The bandana (shop here) has really been speaking to me since I've been in Utah, I think it helps me fit in (joke).  For a day of walking I wore my Comme Des Garcons Converse (shop here) they are ultra chic but will leave your feet happy at the end of the day.  I love pairing completely different patterns in one look, from the stripes to hearts to bandana print, it gave this look lots of dimension.  Embrace the breakup! I can't wait to show you how I styled the pants.  

 Salt Lake City has been a blast so far, scroll down to see some exclusive shots from my first weekend here!

 Weekend Warrior:

 Dinner at Cafe Trio.
I had the yummiest geltato, it was coconut sticky rice. It literally had little pieces of rice in it, way too good.  
Pizza night at Mellow Mushroom.
 Relaxing with a PB&J at Utah Arts Festival. 
The best $2 I've ever spent.  

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It's All Love

I am super excited to share my newest favorite brand, JED.  JED makes amazing cashmere sweaters that are playful yet chic.  When the box arrived it was so beautifully packaged I didn't even want to open it.  Packaging is super important to me, its so much more exciting opening a beautifully wrapped piece of clothing in a box with a bow on top.  Somehow JED seemed to know me and they picked out this piece for me.  The fact that it is baby pink with a patterned sleeve is just above and beyond perfect.  It reminds me of the tops I used to wear from Mini Boden but in a chic more grown-up way.  I went super casual for this summer time sweater look, I paired it with a pair of white shorts and white converse.  This look is perfect for a cool day or a breezy evening.  For a little sparkle I showed off my necklace from Micha Store.  Its one necklace but looks like a layered piece!  I am loving this head wrap from Love Emme, stay tuned for their launch this summer!

Sweater - JED
Shorts - J. Crew
Shoes - Converse
Headband - Love Emme (coming soon!)

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