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Glow Girl: Winter Skincare Routine

Hey mer-babes! It's been a moment since I did a skincare update so let's begin.  When I look back to where my skin was a year ago, I am in awe and so v proud of my face.  Obviously there are so many factors that play into your skin like stress, hormones, diet, etc...but I am v confident that my current skincare routine also plays a huge role.  If you live in the Chi you know it is dryyyyyy out here, but this is also one of the first years I haven't dealt with dry, flaky, skin.  My skin is g-l-o-wing babes, not trying to brag but like also I'm bragging.

Every night I start my skincare routine with an oil cleanse, I use the tea tree cleansing oil from Scratch Goods.  This is my one-step cleanse for my face, it takes off makeup in literally one go.  I take a huge drop in my palm and slather it on my face, always apply product to your face using upward and outward motions to train your facial muscles, now that I'm 20 its v important I am up on my anti-aging game.  Gently rub over eyes to remove all eye makeup.  Once your face is covered, grab a towel and run it under hot water to make an at-home steam towel.  Let towel cool slightly, then cover your face, hold towel on your face for 15-30 seconds, longer if you just need to zen out under a hot, steam towel for a moment.  Then begin wiping away the oil, the wiping action will not only remove all the oil but will also give you a gentle exfoliation.

If you aren't convinced on the whole oil cleansing thang, I'll leave you with this, oil sticks to oil.  With the help of a steam towel, the good oils in the cleanser will cling to the nasty, junk oils that are clogging your pores.  Simple as that.  Also, oil cleansing won't throw of your skins pH level as a soap does or strip your skin of healthy oils, which is essential for keeping your glow in the drier months.  The more good oils we can get the better.

After cleansing, I spray my face with skin drink from Scratch Goods.  Oils + serums penetrate deeper on wet skin, so a good facial mist is a must.  If you don't have a facial mist you can always add a bit of water to your face before applying oils.  I keep a mini bottle of skin drink in my purse at all times, its perfect to spritz your face or hair throughout the day whenever your feeling dry.

My next step is a newer one but after going through a full bottle and immediately running to buy another bottle I think it is an essential.  U.F.O. oil by Sunday Riley is a salicylic acid treatment in the form of an oil.  I have used all the acne fighting treatments, from over the counter creams + gels to prescription antibiotics, retinols... sadly I could keep going, and my skin was still a tragedy.  Looking back the reason that these products that other people swear by didn't work for me was because they were simply too harsh.  These products are made to dry out your skin, which for me lead to a huge overproduction of sebum which causes nasty breakouts.  This U.F.O oil is gentle enough that it doesn't cause any redness or burning, yet it keeps my pores clean and my skin tone looking more even than ever.  I for real haven't had a major breakout since I started using it.

I let my U.F.O oil soak in for a minute then I apply my heavy face oil from Scratch Goods (duh), because I love oil.  I apply this all over my face using outward + upward motions to massage the oil into my skin.  A face massage will help with product absorption and it is exactly what you need after a long day, divine.   If you're really feeling yourself, grab your jade roller and run it under hot water.  Take your warm jade roller and roll it around your face to open up your pores and let that oil do its thing.

In the mornings, I simply rinse my face with cool water, spritz with skin drink, apply heavy face oil and dark matter coffee under-eye butter under my eyes.  The under-eye butter is a great way to depuff any bags under your eyes.  While I am drinking my cup of green tea and eating my oatmeal, I grab my jade roller out of the freezer, where she lives overnight, and do a facial massage for extra de-puffing.

***A few other non-skincare related practices I do for clear skin include: limiting my dairy + sugar intake - for me this is a major cause of breakouts but I love a slice of pizza so I never restrict completely, and trying my bestest to keep my stress levels down, whenever I have a major stress induced freakout I wake up the next morning with redness and irritation.  I also wash my makeup brushes, change my sheets + towels often, and avoid wearing makeup when I know I will be sweating. ***

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Snapshots from Self-care Sunday with Beauty Now

Hey Merbabes! Last weekend, I treated myself to the ultimate self-care Sunday.  I started my morning at Dreamdry in Lincoln Park for a blowout.  I love rocking my waves on the daily but for me, sleek, fresh locks are the ultimate confidence boost.  I booked my appointment through the Groupon app, simply click on "salon and spa booking" at the top of the app, then I searched through tops spots in the city and decided on Dreamdry for it's ultra chic design.  This seemed like the perfect spot to start my self-care Sunday.

Once I chose my destination, I booked my chair and paid online.  I had been anxiously waiting for my self-care treat day all week and woke up Sunday ready to start my day.  I threw on a black turtleneck + jeans, my winter uniform, then piled on accessories, including my new circle purse(!!!) to help me feel a little more glam.

I booked my appointment through the Groupon app, I was led directly to book when I chose salon + spa, and was able to select my treatment and salon of choice.  Since I am a GenZ who despises talking on the phone, this app is my new BFF.  I literally booked, confirmed, and paid all on my phone.  No need to talk to a real person ever again, JK but totally not.  

Once my hair was all shiny + smooth, I walked right out the door and on my way.  I don't know about you babes, but when I pay for something online I feel like I have gotten it for free.  I completely forgotten that I had paid for my blowout earlier in the week, which made me love my hair even more.  

Since I left the salon Sunday, I have been scrolling through the app looking for my next treatment.  I am in desperate need of some relaxation. This week has been WILD, I've been blaming it on the new moon.  Since I know I am not the only one who's had a seriously walked out week, I am giving you babes the opportunity to treat yourself!  If you're based in Chicago, download the Groupon app and select "Salon & Spa Booking" at the top to book an appointment.  

Use code WAVES10 for a $10 on any appointment you book! 

This was me when it started pouring immediately after getting a fresh blowout.  I was still feeling myself clearly.  

Plus, Groupon hooked it up with a chance to win Salon and Spa Services for ONE YEAR! Um please enter to win this rn, then take me with you.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post has been sponsored by Groupon; all opinions are entirely my own

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Turn Back Time: George the Salon Chicago

Hey Merbabes!  You may remember I raved about my facial at George the Salon back in March...I was lucky enough to be invited back to experience the new Time Lapse Facial.  I am all about pre-anti-aging as I like to call it.  As a 19 year-old I shouldn't have to worry much about preserving my skin's youth, but as the crazy skincare lover I am, I am trying to look 19 forever.

I was excited to be back at George the Salon and see Lindsey who shared so much knowledge and insight with me last time I saw her.  I swear the beginning of the change and healing of my acne came with my facial at George the Salon.  After that facial I completely changed my skincare routine to the one I am following now, and have seen insane results.  Its hard to believe that it has only been two months, considering how far my skin has come, it was an almost immediate change.

The Time Lapse Facial is unlike any facial I have received before, although it is extremely relaxing it is treatment based, meaning its directly targeting your skins specific concerns.  Although I am not in need of anti-aging in the sense of wrinkles, or age spots; my face has lots of acne scars that make me beyond self-conscious.  I was quite excited when Lindsey said that the Time Lapse Facial would be perfect for my current skin situation, and would help get rid of dark spots, along with ditching a layer of dead skin so my skin could breathe easier.

The treatment started out with dermaplaning, something I had yet to experience.  Dermaplaning uses a fine blade to remove layers of dead skin.  It sounds slightly terrifying and I will be honest, I was a bit concerned but it was such a non-issue.  I was almost embarrassed by my fears.  It is a very high form of exfoliation the perfect way to shed layers of dead skin leftover from the winter.  I had large buildup of skin so I was excited to shed that skin and allow my new skin to breathe.

After the dermaplane is complete we moved on to some extractions along with light therapy.  Extractions are no fun but are essential for purging any build up in your pores.  I had very little bacterial breakouts, yay, but had some dried excess oils stuck in my pores along with a few cystic breakouts.  The light therapy was probably my favorite part of the treatment because I got to relax while getting a shoulder and neck massage.  Light therapy triggers collagen production in the skin and also helps kill any breakout causing bacteria.

The next step in the Time Lapse facial is a chemical or enzyme peel.  Due to my extremely sensitive skin and love of working out, we went with the enzyme peel which is a gentler alternative than the chemical peel, yet still gives you the amazing toning and rejuvenating benefits.  The facial was coming to a close and finished out by pumping hydration back into the skin with serums and moisturizers.

The Time Lapse Facial at George the Salon is a must for anyone looking to achieve that flawless summer glow.  The complete treatment was two hours long, and was the best way to treat myself after a stressful month.  It is so important to take time to completely unplug and do something just for you.  I am so excited to begin to see all of the results in the coming days, as my skin is still in the process of adjusting to the high level exfoliation (just a little dryness nothing crazy).  This facial is recommended to be done in a series for best results, AKA #treatyourself then #treatself again.  Lindsey sent me home with a complete custom skincare regimen to follow, along with suggestions of her favorite products.

Get in to George the Salon now and start Summer off with your best face forward, hehe get it?

Images by Julie Kartes Photography and Emily Cummings

may 28 17, 19:56
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How I Simplified My Skincare Routine for Less Breakouts

Hey Merbabes!  Skin update #307 here, JK but honestly I think I am finally on to something that works.  I probably shouldn't be posting about it this soon because my skin is finally calming down and staying calm.  I don't want to jinx it, but I like sharing with you too much to keep this a secret.  As I always say all skin is different and this may not be the routine for you but if you are experiencing the acne troubles I am, you are probably willing to try literally anything.  For almost a month now I have been doing this routine religiously, yes every single day, and guess what? I have not had a breakout since.  That is crazy to me, but honestly I have probably had four new pimples over the entire month, which was what I used to wake up to daily.

Shop the Story:

In March I got a facial, read all about it, I hadn't even gotten through my whole skincare regimen when the esthetician stopped me and told me I was seriously drying out my skin, which was causing my breakouts.  I totally knew I was drying out my skin and thought that was the way to rid myself of breakouts.  False.  Although I was an avid moisturizer, I was using so many drying products that no moisturizer could keep up, and my skin was overproducing oils.  Bad oils = Breakouts.  I decided to switch things up and completely simplify my skincare routine.  I am going to share my night and morning regimen + product list, as well as sharing the items I ditched!  All of these products are under $30, good quality skincare doesn't have to be expensive or out of reach! You just have to open your eyes and find it.

Night Time:

Before I get in the shower, I start by using an oil cleanser, I use this one by Scratch Goods, to remove my makeup.  Switching your cleanser to an oil cleanser is life changing.  An oil cleanser is fab because it will not only remove your favorite waterproof mascara in one swipe but it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and bouncy afterwards.  Previously, after I cleansed my face I often felt the immediate tightening and cracking of my skin, with an oil cleanser that is not the case.  Next, I hop in the shower and grab the only "soap" I will ever use on my face, my eggwhite soap by Kalastyle.  The cleansing oil picks up all the makeup and nastiness off your face, so I like to make sure all of that icky stuff comes completely off.  This eggwhite soap is super gentle on the skin and doesn't strip away your natural oils like most soaps do.  Protein packed egg whites combined with calming chamomile flowers make this soap one of my favorite skincare products ever, and its under $10 for two bars.

Once I get out of the shower I apply two prescription topical treatments given to me by my dermatologist.  Honestly I think these are the least important items in my regimen but I use them for good luck.  If you have an acne fighting cream or prescription this would be the time to use it, if you don't struggle with breakouts you can totally skip this portion.

Next up is my favorite part of my routine,  I spritz (chic word) my face with Beauty Water.  LOL, but actually this is very important.  I use a Beauty Water by Colleen Rothschild, I love the ingredients in this beauty water, I have already written about it so you can read more here.   Beauty water is important for the next and final step of the skincare regimen, oil.  Oil is best absorbed into your skin when damp. When you skin is completely dry much of the oil just sits on top of your skin, therefore when you dampen your skin with a spritz of beauty water your skin is ready to soak up all the oily goodness.

Now I am sure you are freaking out about putting oil onto your already oily skin, I feel you, trust me.  As I said earlier, over drying out your skin causes your body to produce bad oils that lead to breakouts.  One of the reasons you may be "oily" is because you face is so dry your body begins to overcompensate.  When you are applying "good" oils to your skin, your body doesn't need to work over time.  It can just stay hydrated and balanced.  

I use a face oil by Scratch Goods, I alternate between the morning and night oil.  I previously have used a simple grape seed oil which I also found worked great with my skin.

Bonus: For added skincare goodness I drink a cup of Skin Detox tea every night, I don't really know if this does anything but the two periods of time I have had clear skin in my life I was drinking this tea daily.


If you are truly rocking your skincare regimen at night you don't have to do much in the morning.  When I wake up in the morning I rinse my face with water, v complex I know.  You really should only be cleansing your face once a day in order to keep your skin hydrated, I cleanse at night in order to remove my makeup and the days ickiness.  After I rinse my face I spritz with beauty water and apply my oil.  After that I sit down with my cup of tea and grab my jade roller to ditch any puffiness and get rid of my sleepy eyes.  Thats it.  So simple.

What I Ditched:

Obsessively Charcoal Masking - Charcoal masks are amazing for detoxifying your skin but I was doing it far too often.  If you are acne prone (like I am), using a clay based mask may be pulling out essential nutrients and oils that can help prevent breakouts.

Vitamin C Serum - I was using this amazing Vitamin C serum to help remove acne spots but I learned that I shouldn't be using that with current breakouts.  While to serum worked wonders on my dark spots it was causing my current pimples to become even more red and irritated.

Over Exfoliating - I have already said a thousand times that I was drying out my skin, but I still couldn't figure out why my face was always peeling.  UGH because you were drying out your skin girl! I exfoliated daily in order to get rid of flakes of dead skin on my face, which I knew was bad for me but I also couldn't stand having skin peeling off my face.  Since I have changed my routine I no longer even need to exfoliate, because my skin is not dying and peeling off constantly.  Overall its a win.


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The 10 Minute Hairstyle That Will Change Your Morning

Hey Merbabes!  If you have read anything I have written before I have probably complained about doing my hair.  I can't tell you why I have such a hatred for styling my hair but I do.  Actually that is a lie, I can tell you exactly why.  I have so much hair, although it appears that I have this lovely manageable mane in my photos, in reality I have an abundant mop on top of my head.  I don't even try to do anything remotely fancy with my hair, all I aspire to do is leave the house with a smooth semi decent hairstyle.

If you go way back into the Mermaid Waves time vault you will see what kind of hair I am dealing with, back when I use to rock my hair au natural. Please click this link to see my hair in its full glory.  When my hair was long, rocking it naturally wavy totally worked, but now that I have chopped about two feet from the length in those photos the whole natural thing doesn't quite work out.  Not only does my hair not have enough length the balance out the volume, since dying my hair my curl pattern has completely changed.  I no longer have all over waves, I have a mixture of weird crimps and swirls.

I love smooth hair, that is all I could ever ask for in life.  Straightening the amount of hair I have on my head is a process and although it is definitely worth it when I take the time, recently I have not had the time or the patience to sit for an hour with my flatiron.  So...I had to get creative.  I have created the ultimate hairstyling life hack.  I don't want to call this a "lazy girl" hairstyle because I am not lazy and neither are you.  I am picky where I spend my energy, and I know I do not like to spend my energy in front of the mirror styling my mop.

This hairstyle takes 10 minutes or less, I was still in bed at 6:30 this morning and had my hair done by 6:45. #Winning.  I have natural waves so I have rocked this hairstyle with and without braiding my hair beforehand.  If you have naturally striaght-ish hair: sleep with your hair in two loose dutch braids, some people call them boxer braids, I call them dutch braids, same thing.  When you wake up in the morning take out your braids and brush the hair out.  If your hair naturally has wave to it you don't need to braid you hair, see what I mean?  I like dutch braids for this style because it gives a softer wave than french braids, which can make your hair looked crimped.

After you have gently brushed out your hair, grab your favorite curling iron.  I use a Kiss Instawave, its not the fanciest way to curl your hair but I really love my Instawave.  Its super easy to use, you simply take a section of hair, then press the button to curl in the desired direction.  Curling wands scare me because I am afraid I'll burn my fingers and my curls tend to look sloppy and fall flat when I use a curling iron so this tool is a great balance.  Again not sponsored, just sharing what I use on the daily!  I start closest to my face and grab a small section at the top of my head, I curl away from my face.  Then, I grab another chunk further back and curl the opposite direction, I do this about five times on each side of my face, going from front to back.  After the sides are complete I pop two to three curls in the back and usually two or three more on the underneath of my hair.

Once you pop all the curls in you will look strange.  The bottom of your hair is completely untouched and you have a top layer of perky curls.  Trust me, this is where the magic begins.  I use my fingers to break up the curls and fluff the bottom of my hair, then I take a hairbrush and GENTLY brush just the bottom few inches all the way around my head.  This helps the curls blend into the waves underneath.  From there I usually put on my makeup, shake out my curls another time and walk out the door.

This is seriously such a simple style and I have been rocking it almost everyday since I discovered it. As seen in literally every recent Instagram photo I have posted.  You can add as many or as few curls as you desire or have time for! This morning I probably had eight curls in total and had a more laid-back, wavy look, where as over the weekend I had more time and added more curls for a bouncier, curly style.

Try this style out and show me how it looks! XO

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Ditch Your Deodorant: Why You Should Be Charcoal Masking Your Armpits

Hey Merbabes!  I have been working with the amazing ladies at Scratch Goods, Chicago based food-grade skincare, for a few months now and it has seriously turned me into such a skincare junkie.  I am so much more aware of the ingredients that I put on my skin because 70% of those ingredients get absorbed into our bodies.  Deodorants/Antiperspirants are one of the worst products that we use.  Antiperspirant stops your body from purging toxins in order to stop your armpits from sweating.  When those toxins aren't allowed to leave the body they get trapped in the lymph nodes.  I am not here to tell you that your deodorant is going to give you cancer, I am not qualified for that but I do read enough on the internet to know that having aluminum trapped in your system is not great for your health.

You know I am all about mask-ing, it is my favorite noun turned verb, duh.  I was recently told to take a vacation on face masking (thats another story) so I had to find an alternative way to get my mask on.  That alternative is to charcoal mask my armpits.

I will be honest, I sweat a lot.  I work hard and I sweat hard, the thought of ditching deodorant sounded terrifying even to someone who fully understands how bad it truly is for you.  Armpit masking and all of its amazing benefits have been on my radar for months now but I have never taken the plunge.  Today was the day.

Using a charcoal mask on your armpits not only draws out the majorly icky toxins and metals like aluminum but it also kills the bacteria that make your sweat stink.  I charcoal masked my armpits this morning and I am currently not wearing deodorant, that is unheard of for me.  Being a dancer you are sweating in close proximity to other people, that has made me a deodorant freak.  I reapply multiple times a day.  Even the slightest hint of odor has me reaching for my stick of deodorant, yes I keep one handy in my purse.   I had previously tried to switch the a cleaner deodorant but I still felt stinky, and always returned to my aluminum laden antiperspirant.  That is because I had skipped a v important step.

Add an armpit mask to your routine every few weeks and you will not only clear your system of harmful toxins but you can keep those toxins out with a cleaner deodorant and ditch your antiperspirant.  The charcoal mask won't stop you from sweating, sweating is healthy,  but it will stop your sweat from stinking which is huge win.   This post isn't sponsored so I won't tell you what to buy, but if you are looking for my recommended charcoal mask and natural deodorant, right this way.

I love Scratch Good's Charcoal Mask, I mix mine with green tea for a boost of antioxidants, and their Tea Tree Underarm Butter for fresh armpits.

To charcoal mask your armpits I recommend wearing something where your armpits are easily accessible.  I simply mixed up my charcoal mask with green tea and clay, then applied.  I tried to be somewhat classy and use my masking brush but I gave up pretty quickly and went for it with my hands.  I applied to my entire armpit region and then sat with my arms resting up away from my sides to let the mask properly dry.  It dried quickly and was pretty chill, nothing crazy or weird happened.  To remove I hoped in the shower and rinsed off with warm water.  After I got out of the shower my armpits felt amazing.  I know that is weird to say and I sure you are wondering what does an amazing armpit even feel like, I would have wondered the same thing before today.  But now I know.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!  XO

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Gem Skin Care: Golden Sapphire Collection by Lionesse

Hey Merbabes! Today I am sharing with you the most chic and expensive product that has ever touched my face, ok lets be real, my entire being.  I am sure you have heard of Gem Skin Care by now and all the amazing, life changing benefits of covering your face in diamonds and pearls.  As a lover of all things extra, I aspire to put gems on my face as I imagine Paris Hilton does as part of her morning routine.

When the opportunity arose to partner with Lionesse to feature their Gem Skin Care products I was all in.  To be honest before trying Lionesse's Gem Skin Care products I could care less if they actually did anything for my skin, I was more interested in feeling like Kim Kardashian than seeing any skin improvements but I got the best of both worlds.

I received two pieces from Lionesse's Golden Sapphire Collection the Golden Sapphire Serum and the Golden Sapphire Solidifying Mask.  Clearly the ladies over at Lionesse knew me on a spiritual level because anything gold is my BFF.  When the Lionesse box arrived at my front door I immediately tore it open and was blinded by the beauty that was inside.  Lionesse is truly treating you like royalty, because you are, duh.  The packaging is just as luxe as the products themselves.  The serum looks straight out of a dream, literally if I had a dream about my dream serum that it how it would look.  The Gem Skin Care's sparkly look and packaging makes you want to put it on your face immediately, all I wanted was to look as good as the packaging does.

The Golden Sapphire serum has a lightweight consistency that gently covers your skin.  Basically it feels as amazing as you would expect a Golden Sapphire serum to.  Although I am 19 and like to think I have youthful skin, I am still obsessed with anti-aging, I believe it is the old lady trapped inside me.  This Gem Skin Care serum is specifically designed to reduce fine lines and give your skin a youthful look.  This serum is made with golden sapphire, along with vitamin C, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, a blend of fatty and amino acids known for its anti-aging properties, and Sodium Hyaluronate, very similar to hyaluronic acid but is a smaller molecule that more easily penetrates the skin.

The Lionesse Gem Skin Care Golden Sapphire Mask is definitely the coolest mask I have ever used, and I have used a lot, like a lot of masks.  It is a solidifying peel off mask that you create yourself!  It is incredibly easy to use,  I made it for the first time on Instagram live and it was a breeze.  You simply combine one packet of the Golden Sapphire powder and one packet of the Golden Sapphire gel into the small bowl, then add the Golden Sapphire hydrating capsule.  Mix, mix, mix and you have a mask.  The consistency was perfect for an easy application, not too runny or too thick.  Once I was done applying the mask, I hung out for a few minutes and my mask was completely dried.  I had never done a peel off mask before and was skeptic about how easy it would be to actually peel off.  This mask came right off, in large pieces, it only took a few moments to remove.

I should add that the mask came off without any pain unlike those dumb Facebook videos or girls ripping their faces off, that is not normal and not how a face mask should work.  When I removed the mask I couldnt stop taking selfies, which doesn't seem unusual but for me taking makeup free selfies is unusual.  My skin was radiant, I truly felt like my best self and like Paris Hilton.

I would highly recommend Lionesse's selection of Gem Skin Care if you are looking to take your beauty routine to the next level.  The Gem Skin Care line is pricy but is an investment in your beauty!  These items will also last you a good amount of time, the mask has a recommended use of once per month while the serum is about 2-3 times a week.

This post is supported by Shopping Links and Lionesse.

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Confessions of a Drama Queen: Making Peace With My Pimples

I have had acne for what seems like my entire life, I am pretty sure my first acne cream was prescribed to me when I was like nine because I was so self conscious about going to school with pimples on my face.  Looking back I am sure I had one tiny red dot but for me that felt like a death sentence.  I have tried every thing under the sun to rid myself of my spots.  Literally everything.  I have been on every prescription topical, I have tried every face mask, every serum, done all the facials, yet my face is still covered in spots.  I have cut things from my diet, I have switched my makeup, my shampoo, my laundry detergents, I have made my life revolve around my acne.  I sleep, eat, and breathe acne, its on my mind all the time.  When I wake up in the morning I can sense the new pimples that have popped up over night, without ever placing a finger on my face.  When I take a bite of one of my favorite foods all I can think about is the fact that I will probably have six new pimples within the week.  I am constantly hunting for a Snapchat filter to hide my pimples or creating new hand poses to strategically cover my blemishes and its honestly getting old.  How many times can a girl cry over a little red dot on her face.  The answer is a lot, I have cried and sobbed and cried again over nothing more than my acne.

My new years resolution was to make peace with my skin, I assumed that my skin would miraculously clear up and that this would be a piece of cake.  It is three months into 2017 and my skin still sucks.  I am going to start taking steps to making peace with my skin with or without acne starting now.

My mom always tells me that my acne is temporary which deep down I know is true but when you can't remember not having acne it is hard to see it that way.  In my mind it feels pretty permanent.  But I have slowly come to realize while I am always covered in spots, those spots are ever changing, there is nothing permanent about that.  Each day you wake up its like having a different night sky across your face, with new constellations each day.   I always loved my freckles, so why should my pimples make me cringe, in reality they aren't much different, just little inflamed freckles.

I honestly probably will never stop editing my pimples out of my photos, or choosing to cover them up with layers of concealer.  Although I don't have to hate my pimples I know that I will never love them, and that is okay.  The only thing I am looking to do is to create an inner peace with my acne, but if anyone has a remedy to zap my zits away in an instant. Hit me up.


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Treat Yourself: George the Salon

Hey Merbabes! In my last post I mentioned that I was heading off to the spa, now I am here to tell you all about it.  I went over to George the Salon for a little pampering, to be honest my brain has been so all over the place I couldn't even remember what my appointment was for.  Luckily the ladies at George the Salon in Gold Coast had their lives I little more put together than I did.  I was in for a facial, perfect.

I walked into the building located at Rush and Oak right next to Hermes store, I felt very high end.  The salon is located in a very chic, dimly lit building, I say that because I was wearing sunglasses (even though it was dark outside) and I had a very hard time finding my way to the elevator.  I couldn't compromise my look though, ya feel?  Once I stepped out of the elevator I was greeted with light, yay, and a gorgeous entry way.

V dim.
I walked up to the front desk and was immediately greeted by name and shown right where I was supposed to go.  That is a huge deal, I can not tell you the amount of time I have shown up somewhere and had to explain my entire life's story along with what a blog is before someone realized who I was and why I was there.  "Hi I'm Dani from Mermaid Waves, I am blogger,  I'm supposed to be here, yes let me pull up the emails."  For a socially fearful person like me going places as a "blogger" usually make my stomach churn so my experience at George the Salon was off to a flawless start.

I met Lindsey who was going to be doing my facial and we entered the spa area of the salon.  I love a good spa room, its like walking into an alternate, peaceful universe.  As I changed out of my clothes and looked at the bed where I would get my facial I prayed that it was heated and it was, #blessed.  I told Lindsey a little (a lot) about my skin's history, drama, drama, drama, you already know it all.  She said that she had struggled with cystic acne when she was younger, so I immediately trusted her.   Never trust people who have never dealt with acne, thats my skincare motto.  Lindsey said that her initial thought was I was over drying out my skin with different acne products / masks which instead of getting rid of my acne is causing my skin to over produce oils which just leads to more acne. AHHH.  Definitely sounds like something I would do, as I love working so hard that sometimes I work too hard.

Once my facial began I was totally transported to a place of calm and relaxation.  I got the Deep Cleansing facial in order to get my skin on track for more healing and less breakouts.  Lindsey gave me a citric acid treatment in hopes of breaking up some of the oils gathered underneath my skin.  It burned a bit but after almost 10 years of acne treatments, facials, and multiple allergic reactions, it was nothing out of the ordinary and I was able to stay totally relaxed.  Even during extractions I was able to focus on the warmth of the table and the fact that my skin was going to thank me later and stay totally chill.  Extractions are definitely not my favorite but so necessary.  I never pick or pop my pimples because its a skincare sin, so sometimes you need a professional to get in there and get the nasty out.  I mean a real professional, not your mom or your friend to touch your face with their greasy, nasty hands, that is literally so bad.  I wish I could tell you more about the experience during the facial but I was so zoned out, all I know is that it was fabulous.

Did I mention I have a fear of people touching my face? LOL I absolutely hate it.  It definitely stems from the fear of creating more pimples from other peoples oils, but the actual feeling of someone's hand skin on my face skin is revolting to me especially when I have makeup on.  Get away from my face.  This facial was so relaxing and amazing that I didn't cringe once.  After the facial we chatted a little bit about my next steps and what I should and shouldn't be doing for my skin.  I learned that I was over exfoliating, even though deep down I knew that but just didn't want to admit it.  Lindsey also suggested that I keep my skincare routine as basic as possible to prevent from over-drying as I was doing before.  That will be extremely difficult for me as I love being as high maintenance as possible and having a 25 step routine every night but it is definitely something I will try out.  If it means clear skin, I will ditch 23 out of my 25 steps.

If you are looking for the perfect escape to treat yourself and get ready for spring I highly recommend booking yourself a facial at George the Salon.  You will leave there glowing from inside out, that sounded way cheesier than planned, but for real you will.

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The Skincare Line You Need RN: Colleen Rothschild Beauty

Hey Merbabes! Does anyone else get in a major wardrobe rut in March? I always feel so uninspired during this awful winter to spring transitional period.  I usually end up wearing all denim all day, which is never a bad thing, but doesn't make for too exciting of a post.  I will of course be still sharing looks to help us get through the awful time together but until then I am back sharing some more beauty favorites.  Today we are talking skincare, my favorite. 

Colleen Rothschild Beauty was placed into my life by God himself, ok maybe thats a bit dramatic but just wait until you try their skincare.  I am going to be sharing with you my favorite Colleen Rothschild products, to be honest I haven't tried the entire collection but the ones I am sharing are so good I have ordered them over and over again.  Shall we begin?

The Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum is one of my favorite serums I have ever used.  Mandelic Acid is derived from the bitter almond and is a highly effective AHA, a group of natural acids found in foods.  This serum gently exfoliates skin by breaking the bonds between dead skin cells revealing your brightest skin yet! This serum promotes cellular turnover which addresses acne, dark spots, fine lines, and skin texture.

I love this serum because it is super gentle on my overly sensitive skin and yet it still gets the job done.  I tend to get super flaky, dry skin in the winter and I didn't have any of that this season, I am convinced it is because this serum is constantly ridding the skin of dead cells so there is no time for peeling.  Add this serum to your lineup or swap out your old exfoliator for something much more gentle and effective, please no plastic beads to exfoliate, please.

This next product is a new favorite for me, I'll be honest I totally bought it just for the name but Colleen Rothschild Beauty Water is about to be your new BFF.  You can use this spray at any time in the day, I like using it morning and night as part of my skincare ritual but you can also use it during the day as a quick refresher over your makeup.  Beauty Water delivers immediate and long-term hydration by reducing water loss, preserving optimal water levels in the skin, and keeping skin hydrated underneath your moisturizer.

This Beauty Water is formulated with coconut water, watermelon extract, and hyaluronic acid (my favorite ever) to keep your skin cells plumped and hydrated for 24 hours. YAY.  It actually sounds like it would make a killer drink but don't drink it please, or at least don't tell anyone I told you to drink it.

This mask my be my favorite skincare product of all time, for real for real.  The Clarifying Detox Mask by Colleen Rothschild Beauty is everything you want in a mask, in a best friend, basically just all a girl can ask for.  It is made with activated charcoal and French Kaolin clay to draw out impurities and detox your pores.  Micronized silver is used to ditch bacteria which leads to less breakouts and vitamin C soothes inflammation and brighten skin.

I use this mask once or twice a week if not more,  I like to put it on after my shower at night and leave it on while I am watching TV, it doesn't make my face feel overly tight or itchy like most masks tend to do as they dry.   I always mask on Monday nights during the Bachelor so if you were ever wondering what face mask I was wearing during my Bach rants, it was this one for sure.  The best part about this mask is waking up the next morning with glowing even skin.  I always feel my pimples are smaller if not gone, my complexion is more even, and my skin feels insanely smooth.  

This last product is not something I would normally purchase but I decided to go for it and am hooked.  I am not a picky girl when it comes to a good lip balm, anything that will make my lips not look like those of a third grader who licks their lips constantly is good for me.  The Ultimate Lip Balm is literally the ultimate lip balm, LOL but seriously.  It not only gives your lips an amazing soft my lips feel so full and fabulous when I am using this balm.  Basically Kylie Jenner Lips, but like classy.  It also has a chocolatey mint smell/taste that isn't bad either.

I have been constantly updating my boutique with all my favorite new arrivals for spring so be sure to keep your eyes open!

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