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See London like a Mermaid: Breakfast + Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Forget Disney World, Sketch is truly the happiest place on earth.  I'm a total sucker for an insta-famous destination and will do anything for the #content so Sketch was an absolute must on our London to-do Pinterest board.  On our first full day in London we were #blessed enough to have breakfast in the Parlor.

le parlor 
le breakfast

As you enter Sketch, you are greeted with neon lights + holographic images of major icons like Kate Moss and of course, the queen.  We were then led to the front room which guessed it, the Parlor.  I immediately died when I noticed that the legs of the chairs were all wearing pointe shoes, I felt right at home.  Our breakfast consisted of us eating basically everything on the menu + snapping tons of pictures (watch it go down here).  I ordered a fried egg, and it was literally a fried egg, WILD.  After breakfast, we ventured to the bathrooms.  No they were not the pods, that comes later.  These bathrooms were interior #goals, they are completely decked out in swarovski crystals. LUXURY!  Aubrey and I spent around 20 minutes taking selfies + kirakira videos, which is slightly embarrassing considering the bathroom is quite small and there were people waiting outside the door for us to leave, oops.

le gallery
le matcha

Of course, the main attraction at Sketch is their afternoon tea and after the fabulous breakfast we had we couldn't wait to see what they had in store.  We went to Sketch for tea on New Year's Day (watch our full day here), lets be real, can you think of a better way to ring in 2018? I can't. We snagged the first seating at 11:30am, which is a major key because we got to enjoy the space before it completely filled up.  Our waiter was a major cutie and suggested we started out with some matcha, we knew right then we were in good hands.  Since Aubrey + I are extra special girls, we got two beautiful tea towers, one vegetarian + one gluten-free, vegetarian.  It was three layers of pure joy, and although it was a difficult task we each managed to completely clear our towers.  After tea towers came scones, which despite our overwhelming fullness we continued to plow through.  I still can't fathom how someone could continue to eat but if you're a real star you get to enjoy lovely pieces of cake to finish your tea time.  We sealed our tea time with a pot of rose tea, one of my favorites!

le pods

Ok so now is where things get exciting.  The bathrooms. The Pods. The Art.  If you haven't seen these bathrooms you've clearly never been on Instagram before.  That white room with the rainbow ceiling is the bathroom at sketch!  You get to pee in a pod! V chic.  

So I guess all of this is to say, go to Sketch.  It's basically an Instagram theme park, and the food is pretty good too.  

PS: if you want to see some video #content from Sketch check out our World Tour Vlogs!  

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Content Heroes: Instagram Accounts to Follow

Hey Merbabes!  Instagram takes up about 90% of the space in my brain on a daily basis, I'm not talking about mindlessly scrolling, even though I totally do that,  I'm talking strategizing, planing content, discovering new accounts, and new trends.  Even with all of that going on, my favorite hobby is finding cool new people to follow on Instagram.  I love content, and I love following people who create sick content, simple as that.

Instagram is my favorite place to gather inspiration, whether I'm looking for a new place to brunch, a new look, or a new cool girl to give me some life inspo, I know I'll find it on the gram.  I like to fill my feed with cool, inspiring people so that even when my day sucks and I'm annoyed with the world I can head over to the happy-land of Instagram and remind myself why I do what I do.

I gathered a few of my favorite accounts below to inspire you to up your content game and do something cool with your life.


Quite honestly the best dressed human on all of Instagram is this small child.  You can't help but smile when scrolling through her feed, while simultaneously being a little mad because you will never be as cool as Coco Pink Princess.


The Pouf is a magical human being who is full of light.  Her captions and Instagram stories are hilarious, but she is also a seriously inspiring lady who does some amazing work with Project Heal and Glam for Good.


Don't be fooled by his perfectly dreamy interior Instagram feed.  Orlando's Insta-stories give me life. I have laughed out loud in public countless times while watching his stories, with everything from Jeans for Teens to daily news updates, to my personal favorite "Cooking for Rich People" a segment where he attempts to make healthy meals, his stories are pure joy.  Follow him RN.


 Kristie Dash is one of the few people on this planet that I feel loves #content as much as I do.  Her content is always on point and is almost painfully relatable, I feel like we were one in a past life.  Plus, she has had literally everyone of my dream job's from being my favorite human's (Eva Chen) former assistant, to a magazine beauty editor, to former editor in Chief of Obsessee, she is basically ruling the social media world.


Cyndi is the founder of Taste the Style, one of the coolest editorial sites around, and Chillhouse the coolest destination to chill out in NYC.  I have been following her for a few years now am I constantly inspired by everything she does.  She is a well-spoken, smart lady that is beyond talented and effortlessly cool, basically everything I aspire to be.  Plus, her and her husband are super dreamy and serious #relationshipgoals, that means a lot from the girl who gags at the sight of people holding hands in public.  


If you are ever in the need of some outfit inspiration look no further, like literally just go to @malebitch and stop right there.  Her vibes are unreal.  I am constantly obsessing over her makeup, her sunnies, and all of her fits, plus she's based in Paris which makes her 100 times cooler than she already is.

Who did I miss? Who is your favorite person to follow on Instagram? Let me know in the comments! 

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Its Just an Illusion: How to Ditch Pants for Good

Hey Mer-babes!  Happy Super Bowl Sunday, LOL as if.  I'm only in it for the food and Lady Gaga, I don't want to brag but I picked out the most beautiful bag of golden tortilla chips at Whole Foods yesterday and I'm going in on those.  I am so ready to kick off this week because Thursday I leave for Fashion Week and I am beyond pumped.  Be sure you are ready for #content overload, I am talking Snapchats, Instagram live, Facebook live, Boomerangs, DAILY VLOGS, its all happening.  Be sure you are following along on all my channels and get ready to take on Fashion Week with me!

Shop the Look:

I may have gone a little nuts at the Zara sale on Friday but is that really my fault?  No.  Zara is my current obsession, they are so on brand these days and literally killing the fast fashion game.  I highly recommend you run to your nearest Zara or at least head to their website because it seems as if 80% of the store is $9.99.  I got this t-shirt dress from Zara on Friday for $9.99 and it is such a winning piece.  I originally was planning on wearing is over a pair of cropped jeans with these star tights underneath and then I realized it could totally stand on its own.  Which honestly made me love it even more, I love a solid t-shirt dress, as it is my preferred type of mini dress.

Lets just take a moment and try to picture me in a body-con dress, LOL I can't even see it.  

The thing I really love about the t-shirt dress is the sleeve detailing, I love the different fonts and colors on each sleeve and the text is seriously .  One sleeve says "please consider me a dream" while the other says "please consider me an illusion".  I love any piece of clothing with words that only slightly makes sense, its a little confusing, a bit off putting and thats what makes it so perfect.   I feel like I not only described this t-shirt dress but I also just described myself.

These tights though, a solid investment to my wardrobe all the back from my middle school days.  I pair of sheer patterned tights are always a win in my eyes.  I have worn these with so many different pieces and in literally so many different ways you wouldn't even believe.  My next idea is to layer them under a pair of distressed or cropped jeans instead of fishnets!  Stars are seriously shining right now (GET IT?) and are about to be the hottest pattern of 2017 so snag these star tights while you can.  Ok "snag" is probably not the most appropriate word to use when talking about tights, but gently get your hands on a pair ASAP.

Mini t-shirt dresses can seem intimidating to pull off, trust me I totally understand, remember I have a fear of showing my knees.  I like to pair tiny dresses with a flat shoe, it will give the illusion that you are not showing as much skin as you really are.  Heels are amazing and give the illusion of legs for days which can make even an innocent t-shirt dress seem scandalous, if you are looking for a more grocery store appropriate look swap out your heels for a pair of flats, like these oxfords.  I love a pair of oxfords because they still add a bit of height while giving you that classic silhouette.

I seriously loathe ballet flats, I'm not sure if its because I wear real ballet shoes everyday of my life or because they are seriously unflattering but I suggest you invest in a chicer flat and a pair of oxfords is the perfect place to start.  YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN BALLET FLATS.

Happy Super Bowl of Guacamole Sunday babies! Be sure to follow along on all my channels to join me on my New York Fashion Week Journey! 


PS Check out my latest Youtube video below!

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My NYC Hit List

I love Chicago but there truly is no place like NYC.  I am blessed to be able to visit New York as much as I do and I am sharing my favorite places to go.  Warning: this lists includes sooo much gluten, I love a good sandwich.  

Sip and Gram:

Cha Cha is the matcha destination of any girl's dreams, all pink, green, and palm print.  It is the perfect spot to cool down with a drink and get tons of #content.  You could get a whole days worth of snapchat stories in this place.  I have major regrets that I didn't get matcha soft-serve when I was there so please go and get some, then send me photos!  Below is the matcha cronut, matcha banana bread, and an iced matcha.

NYC travel guide, new york city, NYC FOOD, new york food, travel guide, new york fashion week

NYC travel guide, new york city, NYC FOOD, new york food, travel guide, new york fashion week
Brunch, Lunch, and Everything in Between:

Black Seed Bagels- 170 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012
The most beautiful sandwich in the city on the most perfect bagel.  My favorite is a simple egg, avocado, and tomato sandwich, but they also have lots of yummy vegetables and vegan cream cheese! The space is super tiny so expect to take you bagel to go and eat it standing on the sidewalk, you won't want to wait to find a bench.

NYC travel guide, new york city, NYC FOOD, new york food, travel guide, new york fashion week, bagel

Bottino Take Out - 246 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001
If you need a quick bite to eat while you are walking around Chelsea, this is the place.  Honestly, I think about this sandwich every time I eat another sandwich, because it is never up to this standard.  FYI the olive bread is a must-have.  Once you get your sandwiches head up a couple blocks and have a mini picnic on the high-line!
NYC travel guide, new york city, NYC FOOD, new york food, travel guide, new york fashion week

By Chloe - 185 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
This is ultimate destination for a vegan but non-vegan babes will love it too!  Veggie burgers, sweet-potato and cashew-cream mac and cheese, air baked fries, and some salads too.  It is almost too Instagram worth especially because their beet "ketchup" (try it before you judge it) is pink.  Sweets by Chloe just opened next door to the West Village location,  it wasn't officially open when I was there but I got to peek in the window and lets just say its already on my next Hit List.
NYC travel guide, new york city, NYC FOOD, new york food, travel guide, new york fashion week, fries, veggie burger, vegan

Taim- 222 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014
The best falafel I have ever had, and I have eaten a lot of falafel in my 18 years on this earth.  From the pita to the hummus to the falafel itself, its another stellar sandwich.  The original location is itty bitty and you will have to wait in line but it really just makes eating it that much more rewarding.
NYC travel guide, new york city, NYC FOOD, new york food, travel guide, new york fashion week

Eye Candy:

ABC Carpet and Home - 888 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
This is the ultimate spot for anyone who loves pretty things.  The six floors of rugs, art, chairs, and pillows will make you question why you aren't currently redecorating your entire life.  Once you have  spent hours wandering through the store and touching every rug, head downstairs to have a meal at ABC Kitchen.
Everything here is just as beautiful as the furniture they sell, from the veggie burgers to the plates.

I Scream You Scream:

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream -  48 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003
Hands down the best vegan and non vegan ice cream.  Everything is made in small-batches with only the best ingredients and it seriously shows.  They have a couple different locations but this past trip their truck was magically waiting for me outside of 29 Rooms in Brooklyn.  I had the vegan peanut butter chip, another vegan favorite is the banana nut, but TBH I have never tried a flavor I wouldn't eat a whole quart of.
NYC travel guide, new york city, NYC FOOD, new york food, travel guide, new york fashion week
Bonus! The Best Bathroom:
The food at Vic's is outstanding, amazing pizza and delicious pastas but the real star is not on the menu.  If you go to Vic's you have to head downstairs and take a selfie (or three) in their flamingo pink bathroom, because that's what dreams are made of.  

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New York Fashion Week: Day Two

I am currently back in Chicago (sad tear/happy tear) but I still have lots of #content to share with you from #MWFashionWeekend.  We started out day two by heading to Brooklyn for Refinery 29's 29 rooms.  It was the second year and was just as amazing as year one but bigger and better! I was a lucky one who only waited in line two hours, but it was worth every hot and sweaty minute.  Imagine the fun house of a fashion girl's dream, with boomerang and selfie opportunities around every corner.  

For my street style look I went with something a little more whimsical and feminine than day one.  I started with this amazing tulle skirt (shop here) and leather jacket (shop here) from Sans Souci.  I love the combination of the light and fluffy skirt with the edgy jacket.  Although this jacket already screams cool, I had to make it even cooler so I had "Mermaid Waves' embroidered on the back!  This is an awesome way to personalize any piece and I got it done at a local embroidery shop for only $15.  Under the jacket I layered two Gap Body bralettes (shop here and here) because bra + bra = shirt, its called algebra.  Obviously no ordinary shoe could stand up to a look this bold so I went with these Asos shoes (shop here) with floral detailing on the heels.  Even though these shoes are only $60, I truly feel I won the Street-Style-Shoe Game at least for Day Two.  
tutu, tutu skirt, tulle skirt, leather jacket, street style, new york fashion week, nephew street style, style blogger, ootd

tutu, tutu skirt, tulle skirt, leather jacket, street style, new york fashion week, nephew street style, style blogger, ootd

tutu, tutu skirt, tulle skirt, leather jacket, street style, new york fashion week, nephew street style, style blogger, ootd

tutu, tutu skirt, tulle skirt, leather jacket, street style, new york fashion week, nephew street style, style blogger, ootd

 In the Share Your Pride room at 29 Rooms.
 In Rupaul's WIG OUT room!

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