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Playing Favorites: Week of January 23

Hey Mer-babes! Week four of 2017 is coming to a close and there are still enough good vibes floating around to create another weekly favorites round up.  Last week was about wellness and this week was all about treating myself, aka I literally sat around and ate potatoes all week.  Of course, I also worked my booty off in dance rehearsals and doubled up on Soul Cycle classes, and worked hard to plan new content because BALANCE!  Actually, maybe this week's theme is balance but this post isn't about the theme of the week, its about the GOOD STUFF.

Shall we?

Bad Hunter Veggie Burger

Life changing.  This is my favorite burger ever, there is something so satisfying about it because it tastes like a real BURGER, not just a veggie burger, but it's not trying to be meat either, its just perfect.  I don't even know what to say, I'm just really in love.

That was a traumatic sequence of words but a proper paragraph just wouldn't do this burger justice.  Order the fries with it please.

Wildfox "Never Say Diet" Tee

I am kind of mad that this "Never Say Diet" isn't already hanging in my closet.  Every merbabe should have this tee because you are already perfect and no diet will change that.  Major Instagram points if you wear it while eating pizza or tacos.  

Wildfox has some KILLER tees right now,  I've linked some of my favorites above.  My second favorite may be the "Girls Gone Mild", because that is my to a TEE. LOL. 


#GIRLBOSS is my current read and I am loving it so far.  It is a must read for every female, aspiring #GIRLBOSS or not.  It is so hilariously authentic yet inspiring at the same time.  It shows that with a little luck and a lot of hustle you can do anything, literally.  

LPQ Matcha Latte

Babes. My perfect matcha latte hunt has come to a close.  All though there are so many runner ups in the city (next blog post?), this one from Le Pain Quotidien is my new favorite.  It is not sweetened and truly lets the matcha flavor shine through.  Plus, if you get it in the restaurant (order a large), it comes in the worlds biggest bowl ever.  Literally a cauldron of matcha latte, what else could a girl want?

New Youtube Videos!

Head over to my Youtube Channel, to catch two of my latest videos or watch them here!  Each video features a skincare product that I am loving right now! Take a look and let me know what you think.  I am filming some more content today and I want to know what kinds of videos you want to see!

What are some of your current favorites? Let me know in the comments below!


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Playing Favorites: Week of January 16

Hey Mer-babes! We've made it though another exciting week of 2017.  My favorite part of these weekly round-ups is taking a step back and analyzing my past week.  Not only do you get to relive the best moments but there always seems to be a hidden theme.  This week my theme was for sure, wellness.

 I always feel like my best self when I am most active, for me exercise is truly the best medicine.  Mermaid Waves Real Life Fact: A killer workout releases 100 times the endorphins of an online shopping purchase.  Seriously, think of how good you feel when you leave a workout out drenched in sweat, literally nothing beats it.  Not only do I feel amazing when I am active but also eating what works best for me.  For me thats a vegetarian diet with little to no diary (except for pizza days), and lots of whole grains, preferably bread.  I don't believe in restrictions but instead recognizing the things that you eat do affect you.  For me dairy causes headaches and breakouts, I steer clear of it most of the time for those reasons but sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich is worth a few pimples.

Now lets get started with this weeks favorites! Shop my Friday tee.

Soul Cycle

It is honestly impossible to walk out of  Soul Cycle without a smile, or at least a feeling of triumph.  I have heard so many stories of fear that keeps people away from taking their first class and I completely felt the same way.  I walked into my first class alone and was probably the only person at the lockers who wasn't covered in Soul Cycle gear, I had literally no idea how to set up my bike or clip in my shoes.  So embarrassing.  As the class began the lights went down and the music went up, I felt like I was in a haunted house, and I was completely out of breathe before the first song ended.  At the end of class, I couldn't figure out how to unclip my shoes and began to panic again that I would be stuck on the bike forever.

Then I went the second time, I had previously googled how to successfully clip in and out of the bike and I was ready to go, I had the best time ever.  Since my body knew what to expect and could relax a bit I got to actually dance, sing, and enjoy the full Soul Cycle experience. Now I go at least once a week, and it is honestly my favorite part of the week.  Each class is a new challenge and brings new good energy into your life!  Plus, it has done wonders for my legs and booty.

Sign up for your first class and get $10 off! This isn't sponsored just my personal referral link for you to use!

Scratch Goods Mask Bar

This week I visited the Mask Bar at Scratch Goods for the second time, and I am ready to go back again.  Scratch Good's describes their mask bar as an interactive, customizable skincare experience, and I couldn't say it better myself.  Think of it as a guided facial, where you are in charge. You get to mix your mask, apply the oils, and learn how to take the best possible care of your skin.  When you get a facial its easy to leave their feeling wonderful, duh, but then returning home and going back to your everyday routine.  During the mask bar you not only learn how to do things, but why it is important and how it can lead to your best skin ever.  It is honestly just as relaxing if not more relaxing than any typical spa facial experience.

My favorite tip is to apply all products to your face using outward and upward motions.  We are so quick to just smear cream or makeup all over our face as fast as possible, without even thinking about the effect that may have long-term.  By using outward and upward motions you are teaching your face muscles to stay in those positions, when you pull your face downward you are literally assisting gravity in the drooping of your skin!

Matcha Green Tea

Babes, I have a new favorite tea.  I love matcha to infinity and beyond, but it is not the simplest thing to make at home.  You have to manually whisk it, blah blah blah, my point is its not simple.  I discovered quite an exciting thing at Whole Foods last week, Rishi's Matcha Green Tea.  The sencha green tea and matcha powder live happily in harmony in ONE TEA BAG!  Not only is it the simplest way to make matcha, the flavor is amazing.  It is a little more subtle than straight matcha because of the sencha but has bolder flavor than your average green tea.  I highly recommend adding it to your daily tea intake.

If you aren't a tea drinker you should be, matcha is a much healthier source of caffeine than coffee.  The release is much slower and lasts longer, leaving behind the spikes and crashes the coffee drinkers often feel, with only a fraction of the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask

Ok, so I bought this last night and have only used it once, but I am seriously so excited about this mask I had to include it.  I have heard some good testimonials from my followers and friends and after having a tearful breakdown about my acne yesterday morning I decided to go for it.  It uses two kinds of lights to treat breakouts, the blue light targets acne-causing bacteria and the red light reduces inflammation, one of my biggest pet peeves.  You simply turn on the mask and sit for 10 minutes, I took selfies, wrote an email, and watched TV, it wasn't too obstructive and I felt totally able to multitask during the treatment period.

I am going to document my journey with it and will be posting a full review on my YouTube channel at the end of my first 30 days.   I found it cheapest for $34 here.

Bollywood Groove
You need this Bollywood Groove class in your life immediately.  I took the Cardio X class in West Loop with my bestie this week and am still smiling and recovering.  I like the think of myself as a pretty fit person so I am usually skeptical about the intensity of fitness classes.  When I stepped into the studio I had no idea what was coming at me, I thought it would be a low impact fun Bollywood Dance party.  I was drenched in sweat by the end of song one, I kid you not.  Not only was I sweating but I was laughing almost the entire time because I was having that much fun.   I am an extremely competitive person, I blame it on my ballet upbringing, so I like to be the best one in the room.  That being said I was going really hard, like my life depended on my Bollywood moves.  I was so sore and I am finally feeling a bit of relief this morning, three days later.  That is truly the sign of a good workout.   I literally can not wait to go back and get dancing again!

For more Wellness check out the new Health + Fitness section on Mermaid Waves! Featuring recipes, workouts, and healthy living.

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Playing Favorites: Week of January 9

Hey Mer-babes! This week has been a whirlwind, how is it already Friday?! Not that I am complaining.  I started back up dancing with Elements Contemporary Ballet after a luxuriously long and indulgent break, ok not really, I danced way too much over my "break" for it really to be considered a "break".  My body on the other hand feels like it was the first time I stepped in the studio, ever.  This week I also filmed my first workout video, I am so excited to start my YouTube journey, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a video.

I have been incorporating a lot more lifestyle content than usual and want to you what you babes think!  Remember that you can always Instagram or Snapchat message me with your thoughts on a post, content requests, or anything your heart desires! Except asking me out on a date, if you ask me out through snapchat its 100% a no, if you ask me out any other way its probably still a no.  I have no time for that nonsense people.  Now let us begin with this weeks favorites!

J. Crew Sale

While it may seem like nothing is happening in the shopping world right now, big things are happening over at J. Crew.  J. Crew is having a killer sale with up to 70% off.  Use code SHOPNOW at checkout for an additional 40% off your sale items! I just snagged a jumpsuit and a tee for $60.

Dressing like a Dad

LOL, but actually.  My go-to daytime look these cold winter days is a tee or sweater with my favorite Levi's and my New Balances.  Simple and Dad-Chic.  I love pairing this look with a fur coat (as seen up top) or with my sassy multi-colored parka to up my street-style cred, it makes the look a little less dad and a little more rad.

Golden Globe Looks

The epitome of class and elegance.  I love maternity style when done right and this is so so right.  Also can we talk about this color, so bold yet so feminine and dainty.  

This is the photo that you need to pull out when you're having a bad day, like you literally can't not smile while looking at Janelle Monae in this look.  Pearls as a hair accessory is definitely what 2017 needed, I can not wait to try that out.    

I am going to come out and say that this dress was the best thing that came out of La La Land.  As a performer and supporter of the arts I wanted nothing more than to love this movie, but I didn't.  I thought High School Musical was done more artistically and had better choreography.   She deserved the Golden Globe for this dress though, stars are about to be the hottest thing this year.  I promise you.  

Hi, my name is Lily Collins and I am a real life princess.  That is all.  Best look I have seen in a long long time.  Ok, now that is all.  

New Balance 247

I had such a fabulous time at the launch of the New Balance 247 gym shoe at Notre in West Loop, I am always down for an event with a Snapchat filter.  These shoes are seriously gorgeous and are completely sold out.  LOL, thats disappointing, my intention was definitely not to tease you with these beauties just for them to be unavailable, but I will keep you posted if they get restocked.  Notre in West Loop is a spot you need to add to your list of "things to do", its a stellar space filled with amazing menswear pieces.

Shape of You

Ed Sheeran has been the love of my life since middle school.  I have seen him every time he has been in Chicago except once and I felt seriously guilty about it.  I listened to this song for the first time on the train today and have been singing it ever since,  Ed's still got it.  

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Playing Favorites: Week of January 2

Hey Merbabe! I am super excited to bring to you the first of many "Playing Favorites".  This will be a space where I share my current obsessions; the best meal I ate, the book I'm reading, or the new hottest destination.  This will be a weekly column that you should keep your eyes peeled for!

The first week a 2017 seemed to have flown by but it has been marvelous thus far.  The weather has not been so marvelous which makes leaving the house hard to do, since I have spent so much time indoors I have been super productive this week and have been crossing item after item off my to-do lists.  This is probably not the most exciting roundup on the internet but it filled with the things you need to get your life on track for 2017.


My current favorite bag is pictures above. It is by Hieleven, a super chic and affordable handbag brand, this bag is currently $99 which is a total steal.  The gray color goes with everything in my winter wardrobe right now, and I love the modern and sleek silhouette.  I tend to carry gloves, a hat, a scarf, along with a thousand other necessities in the Winter, this Hieleven bag is perfect as it fits everything I need.

Things a Little Bird Told Me

One of my goals for 2017 was to read more, this book was first on my list.  I am only a few chapters in to Things a Little Bird Told Me but am already completely inspired.  It is not only an inspirational read but also really light and funny, I have seriously laughed out loud a few times.  The one quote that has stuck with me the most is "Your goals should be bigger than your ego",

(My) Pinterest

I have been working on making my Pinterest the ultimate spot for fashion inspiration, and I can proudly say that I have done just that.  Everything from Street Style, to Handbags, to Denim, and so much more.  Follow along and see where I draw my inspiration from! 

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

I will be honest, hearing the word Millennials makes my blood boil.  I immediately get extremely defensive (although I am Gen Z not even a Millennial) because it is rare to hear "Millennials" followed by a positive statement, which bothers me beyond belief but that is a whole other post.  I was weary to watch this video because of the title but found it extremely interesting and have been thinking about it all week.  It is a must watch.  

Ginger Tulsi Tea at True Foods 

Obviously I am a tea drinker, that should come as no surprise.  I am always on the lookout for the best matcha latte (also found at True Foods), or a new exciting tea drink and I found it.  The Ginger Tulsi Tea at True Foods is such a gem, it is an adaptogenic tea which means it helps to regulate the adrenaline system which manages your body's hormonal reaction to stress.  Not only does is it incredibly good for you, it also tastes amazing on a 10 degree day.  

Jade Facial Roller

In case you don't already hate me from posting about my Jade Roller as much as I do, I thought I would include it one more time.  It is seriously life changing, I am convinced that my nose has shrunk and my cheek bones have grown since I started using my Jade Roller.  I use this at least twice a day and snapchat it at least 10 times, but I still receive so many questions about it!  I included it in my Winter Beauty Roundup and you can read more details there!

Instagram Live

I am obsessed with Instagram Live.  I love watching other people's and I love holding my own.  It is seriously therapeutic to talk to the camera / answer questions and know that it will all disappear.  I seriously have so much fun, I love when you ask me questions and give me feedback on Mermaid Waves.  It is a blast so I recommend trying it for yourself and tuning in next time you see a live story.  

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