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Just a Taste: Museum of Ice Cream Photo Diary

Hey Merbabes! I have been dying to get into the Museum of Ice Cream for almost a year now.  I first tried (and failed) to get tickets while I was in New York for Fashion Week last September.  I actually stood outside the doors of the museum in the midst of all sprinkles, it was a sad scene.  Then, the Ice Cream Museum moved to LA and extended their dates to the time I was going to be in town, hashtag blessed.  I honestly felt the same level of joy getting Museum of Ice Cream tickets that I did when I got cheap Beyonce tickets the afternoon of her show.

The Museum of Ice Cream was pure joy.  It was a sensory overload with touch, tastes, and all the colors you could ever dream of.  It was less a museum and more a next level fun house.  I'm going to stop talking now and you can see for yourself.

If you are heading to the Museum of Ice Cream yourself, and want to be surprised stop reading now, **major spoilers ahead**.  If you didn't get tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream or you want to prepare yourself for all the sweet glory, continue on.

Me AF.

The best treat throughout the museum.  


Charcoal Cookie Dough.  I'll stick to charcoal lemonade.  

My favorite room.

My face literally the entire time. 

This makes a fabulous phone wallpaper.  


First you get a swimming pool full of Sprinkles then you dive in it. 

I'll be honest the Sprinkle Pool was a little gross, I had to really focus on not thinking about all the nasty feet and people that had been in here prior.  Honestly so worth it for the photos though.  No shame in my Insta game.  

Which room would you want to live in? Did you make it to the Museum?! Let me know in the comments below.  

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Turn Back Time: George the Salon Chicago

Hey Merbabes!  You may remember I raved about my facial at George the Salon back in March...I was lucky enough to be invited back to experience the new Time Lapse Facial.  I am all about pre-anti-aging as I like to call it.  As a 19 year-old I shouldn't have to worry much about preserving my skin's youth, but as the crazy skincare lover I am, I am trying to look 19 forever.

I was excited to be back at George the Salon and see Lindsey who shared so much knowledge and insight with me last time I saw her.  I swear the beginning of the change and healing of my acne came with my facial at George the Salon.  After that facial I completely changed my skincare routine to the one I am following now, and have seen insane results.  Its hard to believe that it has only been two months, considering how far my skin has come, it was an almost immediate change.

The Time Lapse Facial is unlike any facial I have received before, although it is extremely relaxing it is treatment based, meaning its directly targeting your skins specific concerns.  Although I am not in need of anti-aging in the sense of wrinkles, or age spots; my face has lots of acne scars that make me beyond self-conscious.  I was quite excited when Lindsey said that the Time Lapse Facial would be perfect for my current skin situation, and would help get rid of dark spots, along with ditching a layer of dead skin so my skin could breathe easier.

The treatment started out with dermaplaning, something I had yet to experience.  Dermaplaning uses a fine blade to remove layers of dead skin.  It sounds slightly terrifying and I will be honest, I was a bit concerned but it was such a non-issue.  I was almost embarrassed by my fears.  It is a very high form of exfoliation the perfect way to shed layers of dead skin leftover from the winter.  I had large buildup of skin so I was excited to shed that skin and allow my new skin to breathe.

After the dermaplane is complete we moved on to some extractions along with light therapy.  Extractions are no fun but are essential for purging any build up in your pores.  I had very little bacterial breakouts, yay, but had some dried excess oils stuck in my pores along with a few cystic breakouts.  The light therapy was probably my favorite part of the treatment because I got to relax while getting a shoulder and neck massage.  Light therapy triggers collagen production in the skin and also helps kill any breakout causing bacteria.

The next step in the Time Lapse facial is a chemical or enzyme peel.  Due to my extremely sensitive skin and love of working out, we went with the enzyme peel which is a gentler alternative than the chemical peel, yet still gives you the amazing toning and rejuvenating benefits.  The facial was coming to a close and finished out by pumping hydration back into the skin with serums and moisturizers.

The Time Lapse Facial at George the Salon is a must for anyone looking to achieve that flawless summer glow.  The complete treatment was two hours long, and was the best way to treat myself after a stressful month.  It is so important to take time to completely unplug and do something just for you.  I am so excited to begin to see all of the results in the coming days, as my skin is still in the process of adjusting to the high level exfoliation (just a little dryness nothing crazy).  This facial is recommended to be done in a series for best results, AKA #treatyourself then #treatself again.  Lindsey sent me home with a complete custom skincare regimen to follow, along with suggestions of her favorite products.

Get in to George the Salon now and start Summer off with your best face forward, hehe get it?

Images by Julie Kartes Photography and Emily Cummings

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I Love You So Matcha: Guide to the Best Matcha in Chicago

Matcha is an essential part of the Mermaid Waves diet, but not just for its amazing taste.  Matcha is packed with antioxidants, literally packed.  The antioxidants in one cup of matcha is the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of green tea, because when you drink matcha you are ingesting the actual tea leaf.  Matcha contains a specific kind of antioxidant called a catechin that contains potent cancer-fighting properties.  Your girl matcha is also known to reduce anxiety due to L-theanine that is found in the tea leaves, L-theanine is known to induce relaxation without any drowsiness.  I swear it works, whenever I am feeling overly anxious, if I can't go to Soulcycle, I drink a cup of matcha and immediately feel like I can breathe again.  Matcha also boosts energy levels due to its unique blend of nutrients, not so much the caffeine levels. Plus the L-theanine helps reduce any caffeine "crash" and the mood-lifting effects can last up to six hours post matcha enjoyment.

Matcha has been my drink of choice for a minute now but it wasn't always easy to find in Chicago, today I am feeling blessed that Chicago has finally boarded the matcha train.  Chicago may not have Cha Cha Matcha or Alfred's Tea, but we have a pretty solid lineup of destinations to get your matcha fix.  Trust me.  No matter what neighborhood of the city I am in I know where the nearest (and best) matcha is.  Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing iced matcha, a hot matcha latte, or something in between I've got your back bae.

Wicker Park: Fairgrounds is one of the newer destinations on this list, but just as valid as any other.  Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea has an impressive assortment of matcha drinks, my favorite is the on tap Matcha.  Its smooth, refreshing and has a super light flavor.  Its a great option if you can't handle straight-up matcha but aren't in the mood for a latte.

West Loop: The green tea latte from Sawada is my current obsession.  If I am sort of in the area of West Loop, which I am literally all the time, I have to make a stop at Sawada.  I have been sipping this tea for over a year now but just recently did I fall in love.  They must have upped their quality of matcha or changed the milk to matcha because all of the sudden it is the perfect drink.  I am not usually a huge soy milk person but I found this latte tastes best with soy!

Old Town Whole Foods: I love Real Good Juice, I love their smoothies, their cold pressed juices, but this matcha "latte" stole my heart.  Its a tad sweet yet still has the earthy goodness of your favorite matcha.  Its the perfect on-the-go matcha, I love to throw it in my purse in the morning and crack it open for a midday pick me up.

West Loop + Wicker Park: Urbanbelly may not be the place you expect to grab the perfect matcha but thats just because you don't know any better.  The mint matcha at Urbanbelly is the epitome of refreshing, its sweet, cool, and has a fresh mint flavor that will cure any summer-time struggles.  I often walk to Urbanbelly, because I live dangerously close, and love cooling down with a mint matcha while I eat my favorite rice + salad bowl.

Honorable Mentions:

Matcha Latte at Le Pain Quotidien 

Vanilla Matcha at Davids Tea 

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Babes in Boston: A Mini Restaurant Guide

Hey Merbabes! Last weekend I snuck off to Boston to visit my one of my favorite people in the universe.  When I was 16,  I spent the summer at Boston Ballet, so I was quite excited to go back to this cute little city.  The majority of my time outside the ballet studio was split between eating ice cream and shopping at urban outfitters, what else would 16 year old Dani do?  That being said I was excited to rediscover Boston and see what else the city has to discover.

I had a blast with my girl and also had some seriously good eats!  Aubrey and I are both vegetarian, as well as Aubrey being gluten free and myself being dairy-free (like 95% of the time).  We have a lot of restrictions between us but we both love to eat.  Dietary restrictions really don't feel like a restriction when you know the right places to go, so I am excited to share these finds with you.

I'll be honest, I never do anything without the motivation of food.  I basically booked my ticket with the intent of heading to one spot in particular, if you followed my trip on snapchat and Instagram I am sure you already know where.   Below I am sharing four of the places we went and loved, plus what I ordered for some serious dining inspo!


I recognize that I should have put the ice cream place last on the list, but it deserves to be first.  Aubrey and I went two out of the two nights I was in Boston because it was that good.  I am pretty picky about my ice cream, because I do not like to splurge on dairy unless its seriously worth it.  Fomu's ice cream is plant-based and made with coconut milk, aka its a gift from Jesus.

Day one I got F'Oreo and Peanut Butter, I highly recommend this combination.  The F'oreo is filled with huge, house made chocolate cookie chunks, to die for.  The peanut butter was (don't laugh because there is no other way to describe it) insanely peanut butter-y,  I would eat it everyday.  Day two I ordered the fresh mint chip and chocolate, the chocolate was just as good as you would expect, and the fresh mint chip was exactly that.  It tasted like real mint, not your favorite mint chip ice cream you grew up eating.  They also had ice cream sandwiches with vegan cookies, vegan brownies and more!

By Chloe:

Sorry Aub, but this is the real reason I came to visit Boston.  JK, but By Chloe is my happy place, one of my past By Chloe meals is literally the wallpaper on my laptop.  I have been multiple times to their New York location, so I was excited to check out the Boston Spot.  In case you are not already obsessed with By Chloe, here is a quick rundown: it is all vegan and all insanely delicious.  The Boston location is just as adorable as the one in NY but even bigger therefore even more cuteness.

I got my favorite guac burger and sweet potatoes fries, with a matcha of course.  I am one of those awful people who order the same thing each time they go to a restaurant but if it ain't broke don't fix it, ya feel?  Aubrey got the avocado pesto pasta made gluten free and a matcha as well.  If you go to By Chloe you have to get fries, and even more importantly you have to have the beet ketchup.  30% because it is delicious, 70% because its PINK.

Loco Taqueria:

This place was a hot destination and a little tricky to get into.  We ended up making a reservation for five people at 5 p.m., which was the only way we could get a table.  We made it work and were expecting big things of this meal.  Loco was a super cute spot and it was popping for 5 p.m.

We ordered pineapple guac and chips to start off.  The pineapple guac was seriously such a beautiful thing and something I need to recreate this summer.  Ok, I'll probably have my mom recreate it but you get the point.  For my meal I got the grilled avocado tacos (I ordered mine without crema)! I am very set in my taco ways and eat my favorite vegan mushroom tacos once a week, so I was concerned that these would not live up to my taco standards.  They did.  There was grilled avocado, brussels sprouts, and pumpkin seeds plus I added a heavy dose of lime juice.


Saturday morning was one of the best mornings I have had in a long time.  I snuck out early in the morning and made my way to Equinox for yoga.  First, I needed some breakfast because I can not function without a full breakfast.  I was quite excited when I realized that a few steps away from Equinox was Jugos, I have been wanting to try this juice spot since I was in Boston three years ago.  It was finally my time.

I grabbed a matcha con leche juice and some oats.  It was the perfect breakfast on the go, I literally sat on a bench outside (it was only about 50 degrees) and was perfectly content.  I am always down for a matcha latte, duh, and this one was perfectly packaged to take with me to yoga then to ballet class.  I always eat my oats hot, I am not a huge "overnight oats" person due to the fact they are eaten cold, but I was in oat heaven and didn't mind these cool oats one bit!  My only regret is that I didn't make it there more than once.

Where are your favorite Boston eats?

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Treat Yourself: George the Salon

Hey Merbabes! In my last post I mentioned that I was heading off to the spa, now I am here to tell you all about it.  I went over to George the Salon for a little pampering, to be honest my brain has been so all over the place I couldn't even remember what my appointment was for.  Luckily the ladies at George the Salon in Gold Coast had their lives I little more put together than I did.  I was in for a facial, perfect.

I walked into the building located at Rush and Oak right next to Hermes store, I felt very high end.  The salon is located in a very chic, dimly lit building, I say that because I was wearing sunglasses (even though it was dark outside) and I had a very hard time finding my way to the elevator.  I couldn't compromise my look though, ya feel?  Once I stepped out of the elevator I was greeted with light, yay, and a gorgeous entry way.

V dim.
I walked up to the front desk and was immediately greeted by name and shown right where I was supposed to go.  That is a huge deal, I can not tell you the amount of time I have shown up somewhere and had to explain my entire life's story along with what a blog is before someone realized who I was and why I was there.  "Hi I'm Dani from Mermaid Waves, I am blogger,  I'm supposed to be here, yes let me pull up the emails."  For a socially fearful person like me going places as a "blogger" usually make my stomach churn so my experience at George the Salon was off to a flawless start.

I met Lindsey who was going to be doing my facial and we entered the spa area of the salon.  I love a good spa room, its like walking into an alternate, peaceful universe.  As I changed out of my clothes and looked at the bed where I would get my facial I prayed that it was heated and it was, #blessed.  I told Lindsey a little (a lot) about my skin's history, drama, drama, drama, you already know it all.  She said that she had struggled with cystic acne when she was younger, so I immediately trusted her.   Never trust people who have never dealt with acne, thats my skincare motto.  Lindsey said that her initial thought was I was over drying out my skin with different acne products / masks which instead of getting rid of my acne is causing my skin to over produce oils which just leads to more acne. AHHH.  Definitely sounds like something I would do, as I love working so hard that sometimes I work too hard.

Once my facial began I was totally transported to a place of calm and relaxation.  I got the Deep Cleansing facial in order to get my skin on track for more healing and less breakouts.  Lindsey gave me a citric acid treatment in hopes of breaking up some of the oils gathered underneath my skin.  It burned a bit but after almost 10 years of acne treatments, facials, and multiple allergic reactions, it was nothing out of the ordinary and I was able to stay totally relaxed.  Even during extractions I was able to focus on the warmth of the table and the fact that my skin was going to thank me later and stay totally chill.  Extractions are definitely not my favorite but so necessary.  I never pick or pop my pimples because its a skincare sin, so sometimes you need a professional to get in there and get the nasty out.  I mean a real professional, not your mom or your friend to touch your face with their greasy, nasty hands, that is literally so bad.  I wish I could tell you more about the experience during the facial but I was so zoned out, all I know is that it was fabulous.

Did I mention I have a fear of people touching my face? LOL I absolutely hate it.  It definitely stems from the fear of creating more pimples from other peoples oils, but the actual feeling of someone's hand skin on my face skin is revolting to me especially when I have makeup on.  Get away from my face.  This facial was so relaxing and amazing that I didn't cringe once.  After the facial we chatted a little bit about my next steps and what I should and shouldn't be doing for my skin.  I learned that I was over exfoliating, even though deep down I knew that but just didn't want to admit it.  Lindsey also suggested that I keep my skincare routine as basic as possible to prevent from over-drying as I was doing before.  That will be extremely difficult for me as I love being as high maintenance as possible and having a 25 step routine every night but it is definitely something I will try out.  If it means clear skin, I will ditch 23 out of my 25 steps.

If you are looking for the perfect escape to treat yourself and get ready for spring I highly recommend booking yourself a facial at George the Salon.  You will leave there glowing from inside out, that sounded way cheesier than planned, but for real you will.

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Cool Things To Do for Cool Young People in Chicago: Museum Hack at the Art Institute

Hey Mer-babes! I am always looking for fun things to do around the city, that aren't just eating.  Whenever I am spending the day with a friend the only activity that ever crosses my mind is to go out to eat, and while that is arguably the best way to spend time there are a million other amazing activities in the city of Chicago.  I am so excited to explore the thousands of cool things to do in the city and bring my first hand account to you.  Thats where "Cool Things To Do for Cool Young People in Chicago" comes in.  A simple name (LOL) for a simple idea that is actually crazy difficult IRL, finding activities to do that aren't completely lame is a struggle! The first edition is all about Museum Hack.

The first thing I will tell you about Museum Hack is I have literally never laughed so hard in a museum ever.  TBH I have a really hard time with museums because I have a very short attention span and I like to move quickly.  I rarely stop to look at the art and really breathe it in, that doesn't appeal to me at all.  Over the summer I saw the entire Whitney museum in New York in about 45 minutes; every floor, every room.  It's not that I don't adore art, I find it completely fascinating, moving, and goose bump worthy but I am always on the go, I don't stop for anything, not even art.

To say I was skeptical about Museum Hack would be accurate but on their website it says "This isn't your grandma's museum tour" so that sounded promising enough.  In Chicago they offer tours at the Art Institute, but they also offer tours in New York, D.C., and San Francisco.  When we first arrived our tour guide Mark was waiting for us, and I was a little nervous.  I have this awful attitude problem where I don't like people who act smarter than me, like your average tour guide tends to do.  Mark was a total winner because he wasn't acting as some "I-know-better-than-you" smarty-arty guy but as a story-teller with all the best gossip.  You know I am all about sipping tea and talking art gossip so I was ready to go.

I don't want to get into too many details of the tour because I want you to experience it first hand, and laugh at hard as I did, but I will give you a quick rundown.  Mark picked out his favorite pieces and had all the deets, the good, the bad, and the funny.  Without a painting in the Art Institute there wouldn't be Ghost-Busters, for real .  Another fun fact is that monkeys were considered the epitome of wealth back in 18th century France, there is a set of monkeys in the Art Institute dressed as musicians that was a gift to Madame de Pompadour from Louis XV himself and to say they are hilarious is an understatement.   We also hung out in the #1 public make out spot in Chicago, who knew that was even a thing?!

Not only did we learn about the art we played with the art.  In the modern wing, each person had to prepare a three course meal using pieces of art.  It was seriously so much fun and an activity I want to go back and do on my own time.  My vanilla ice cream sundae was someone else's cheese platter and that is honestly what art is all about.

 While we were on our tour one of our tasks was to find our Art Institute Soul Mate, and at the end of the tour we had to present our love story.  I chose a chair, naturally, as one does.  This was no ordinary chair it was a luxurious chair with gold, pink, and literally all the tassels, what else could a girl ask for?  My love story was so moving I won a Picasso sticker book! Score.  We also wrote postcards, I wrote one to my grandma but don't tell her because she reads my blog, and took a photo with our Spirit Statue.  I took a selfie with Truth while she looked at herself in the mirror, we are one in the same really.   We were in the Art Institute for two hours and I didn't even check the time on my phone once.  We finished the tour and I was shocked that I had been that engrossed in the experience for 120 minutes, which is like 10 years in millennial time.

I seriously recommend you book a tour with Museum Hack, it is the perfect indoor activity and a total escape from the brutal and often boring winter months.  Museum Hack doesn't only offer public tours they also offer team-building workshops which are the opposite of lame.  The workshops are complete with scavenger hunts, and tons of activities for the ultimate team building experience.  

You babes have to share with me your experiences with Museum Hack, or literally just take me with you! 10/10 recommend.  

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Eat Out Eat Clean: Healthy Restaurants in Chicago

Hey Mer-babe!  I love food, but you probably already knew that; with my love of food comes my absolute love of eating out.  There is a common misconception that all restaurant food is bad for you, and that is so false.  There are so many restaurants that offer clean meals even in the land of deep-dish pizza (aka Chicago).  I don't mean there is one healthy thing on the menu, all of the spots I'm sharing have dedicated their culture to providing healthy options.  Not only do these spots offer clean and healthy menus but they all offer amazing vegetarian and vegan options.

Below are three of my favorite destinations in Chicago for a healthy meal out.  Plus I am sharing exactly what I order, because I can never quite stick to what's on the menu.   Bonus points if you already know where that vegan pizza I'm eating above is from!

True Foods Kitchen

 True Foods opened around Thanksgiving and I have been there every week since, except for I believe one unfortunate week where I didn't make it in.  It has long been one of my favorite restaurants, it was a mandatory stop whenever we were in Phoenix or Santa Monica, so I was thirlled that True Foods was coming to Chicago.  I either start with a Matcha Horchata or a Ginger Tulsi Tea depending on the time of day.  The matcha horchata is perfectly sweetened, I love my matcha straight up and don't love a lot of sweetness to my teas, this drink is my favorite matcha latte in the city.  For my meal I alternate between two favorites, the butternut squash pizza or the ancient grain bowl.  The pizza is vegan and topped with an almond ricotta that is to die for, as a non-dairy lover like myself it is a dream.  I order my pizza with no dried cranberries, just a preference, I think they are weird.  The ancient grain bowl is far beyond any other grain bowl you have had before.  It has the most amazing glazed sweet potatoes, and lots of veggies.  True Foods has tons of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, and almost everything can be made gluten free if you ask.  They are super accommodating to allergies and willing to fit your personal dietary preferences.  

Sweet Green

Sweetgreen is another exciting and recent addition to the Chicago food scene.  This is honestly the only salad I have ever had outside of my home that qualifies as a meal in my eyes.  It fills me up for hours which is seriously hard to do,  I could eat an entire pizza and my stomach would still be growling within three (maybe four) hours.  I couldn't just order off the regular menu because that would be too simple, so I custom order a salad each time I go.  I have perfected my salad by now, it has: spinach/kale (depending on my mood) and mesclun as the base, topped with portobello mushrooms,  avocado, roasted sweet potato, onion, spicy broccoli,  sometimes hot chickpeas (depends on the mood as well), and medium to light spicy cashew dressing.  The spicy cashew dressing (vegan ) is honestly life changing. 

 Left Coast Food and Juice

Left Coast is another healthy paradise, everything on the menu is marked from vegetarian, to vegan, to gluten free, and dairy free.  It makes ordering a breeze for just about every dietary restriction.  There are almost too many options at Left Coast, I have had so many different things from the acai bowl to avocado toast, but I think I have finally discovered my forever meal.  The Montecito Hash is so flavorful and has the perfect yolk break factor.  I order mine with no lemon yogurt or queso fresco making this meal vegetarian and dairy free.  Plus they serve breakfast all day with makes Left Coast a real winner in my books, along with salads, grain bowls, and wraps. 

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Shop Small: Chicago's Best Local Pairings

There are few things I love more than Chicago.  The shopping, the food, and the art make me so proud to call this place my home.  Small businesses are what make Chicago the amazing city it is.  Without all of the local restaurants and retailers Chicago would be no different than any other city.  I am extremely proud that as an influencer I have the ability to support and showcase small businesses and hope that you will do the same!  This Saturday, November 26 is Small Business Saturday and I hope you will join me in celebrating at some of your favorite local spots.

Of course, I wouldn't leave you to roam the city all by yourself so I put together a guide to my favorite local spots.  These small business pairings are the perfect spots to hit up together neighborhood by neighborhood.

Wicker Park: Antique Taco + Emma

Warm your insides with Antique Taco then head a couple blocks over and warm your outsides with Emma!   Emma has been one of my favorite stores since I moved to the city, they carry amazing brands, and the store has a funky bohemian vibe.  If you follow me on Snapchat (danimikay) you know that I am at Antique Taco on a weekly (if not daily) basis.

BTW keep your eyes peeled for an event hosted by moi at Emma this December!

Humboldt Park: Spinning J + Anastasia Chatzka  

Spinning J has the best pie ever.  Honestly this place has ruined dessert for me, I feel like its not worth having a cookie if its not Spinning J's peanut butter cookie, or having a slice of pie if it isn't their pie.  After you are loaded up on pie and cookies, head over to Anastasia.  I love Anastasia's clothing, her pieces are a whimsical, chic, and truly one of a kind.  She is such a talented designer and its been amazing to see her brand grow over the couple years I have known her.

Roscoe Village: Dark Matter Coffee + Scratch Goods

 This might be my favorite pairing on the list because these brands are a total match made in heaven.  Dark Matter coffee is a local coffee roaster with different locations around the city.  Scratch Goods is a food-grade skin care brand hand crafted in small batches here in Chicago.  Not only can you drink Dark Matter Coffee you can also rub it all over yourself thanks to Scratch Goods.  They have an amazing Dark Matter Soap and Scrub.  If you stop in to Scratch Goods on Small Business Saturday with your Dark Matter cup there may be a treat waiting for you!

Old Town: Judy Maxwell Home + Real Good Juice

Judy Maxwell home is the perfect destination to get some major gift shopping done this weekend.  They have perfect stocking stuffers, silly gifts, and little treats for everyone on your list.   After you get some shopping done, treat yourself to a smoothie or juice at Real Good.   Their smoothies are the only smoothies I will actually pay for, they are so creamy but totally vegan of course.   My current favorite is their pumpkin smoothie, I am not sure how much longer it will be around so visit ASAP.  Some other favorites include the Kal E Kopowski smoothie and Bluice Wayne juice.

Show your support by sharing this badge on Social Media! This post was inspired by Fundera.

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Fall Beauty Inspiration: Goldplaited x Mermaid Waves

Yesterday I got the total glam girl treatment.  I seriously felt like I was ready to walk the red-carpet after getting my hair and makeup done by the fabulous ladies at Goldplaited!  I went to Goldplaited in hopes of bringing back my readers some major Fall hair and makeup inspiration and I think we did just that.  I am obsessed with this hair style because it is a little bit vintage and a little bit edgy, one side of my hair was gathered into gorgeous vintage waves and on the other side was a fishtail.  A vintage wave is the perfect "wave" for fall because it has more structure than a beachy wave that is seen all summer. To achieve this kind of look use a small barrel curling iron to create a tight curl then gently brush out the curls.  The fishtail gives this classic look a modern twist.  You could also recreate this look with straight hair instead of the waves for a super sleek and edgier vibe.  

 For my makeup we started with a metallic eye by mixing a taupe and gunmetal shadow together to create this unique smokey look.  Metallics are so on trend and adding them into your makeup look is a super easy way to wear them daily!  I ditched my usual cat-eye for black liner in my waterline, which allowed the amazing metallic shadow to take center stage.  A berry lip has been all over the runway this fashion week and is the perfect way to add a little drama to your look.  

Recreate this look yourself or head over to Goldplaited to get an amazing look created just for you!

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