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Dad Shoes: Your New 24/7 Shoe

Hey Merbabes!  My favorite style of shoe for over a year now has been the "dad shoe".   You know the shoe I am talking about.  They are easily recognizable with their thick sole, sensible color palette, and a hint of tech-nerd chic.  It is no coincidence that some of the most successful people are all known to rock the "dad shoe".  Steve Jobs rocked New Balances, the CEO of Zappos named Asics his shoe of choice.  They are power shoes, made for powerful people, like us, Merbabes.

Shop the Story:

I started my collection of dad shoes with a pair of Skechers, as seen in the graphic above, and have recently added a pair of grey New Balance 990s, also in the graphic above.  These dad shoes have ruined me for life,  literally no other shoe seems worthy of my foot.  They are beyond comfortable and will make you question why on earth you ever shoved your toes into a pair of heels.  You have places to go and people to see, you need a shoe that can take you there sans blister.

I wear these shoes with everything from a faux fur jacket to a baby, cropped tee.  I am all about balance and contrast, I talk about it in every post.  An itty-bitty tee seems far less scandalous when paired with such a sensible shoe, and a faux fur jacket becomes day-time casual when paired with your favorite chunky sneaker.  Plus the thick sole gives you a couple of added inches, hashtag blessed.

You can shop any of the shoes above by simply clicking on the shoe you want to shop.  Plus, check out even more dad shoes below to seriously jumpstart your collection.

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Sweat it Out: Athlesiure's Comfy Cousin

Hey Merbabes! Athleisure was the hottest word on the street for a while there, it almost seemed like we were all going to turn into legging-rocking, ponytail-sporting babes for the rest of our lives.  Do not fear, we are all still here wearing our favorite denim, and rocking t-shirts instead of workout tanks.

The next hottest movement in the athleisure department seems to be its comfier, less athletic cousin, SWEATS.  Big sweats, little sweats, oversized hoodies, joggers, you name it.  These new sweats are not your old worn out sweatpants, they have been reimagined with new, more flattering silhouettes that are ready to rock from day into night.  I definitely blame Kylie for the return of the sweatpant and her ability to wear sweats with a pair of heels and still be called a style icon, which she totally is not arguing.  Brands like Champion and Juicy Couture are at the forefront of this major sweat-comeback, with collaborations everywhere from Vetements to Urban Outfitters.

I structured this post a little differently than my last few shopping posts so let me know how you feel about the new look.  I created this lookbook (below) that you can flip through, when you find something you want to shop simply click on the photo and you will be redirected.  Plus, everything in the roundup in under $150 most are under $100!

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Check Me Out: Is This the Hottest Print of Spring 2017?

Hey Merbabes! It seems a little silly to be talking about the hottest print of Spring 2017 when there is snow on the ground, but here we are.  I'll be honest I am not mad about this snow, I have been waiting  all winter for this.  Better late than never, right?  Ok back to this season's hottest print, Gingham.  Gingham is such a classic but has gotten a major makeover this season.  The classic print has been placed over modern silhouettes and the results could not be any sweeter.  Although gingham comes in many different colors, the classic black and white caught my eye this time around.  These pieces can not only be paired with one another for a totally chic matching look, but can be separated and paired with your denim items for a casual Darcy's Wild Life inspired look.  I honestly am probably the only person who ever watched that show on Discovery Kids but every single time I think of gingham I picture Sara Paxton, the big city girl who moved to the country. LOL.

 I have gathered my favorite gingham pieces and put together a shopping guide just for you! Remember you can shop each piece by simply clicking right on the item you want to shop.  Which pieces are your favorites? I am so in love with the booties and the trench! To die for.

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Steal the Trend: This Season's Hottest Shoes for Less


Hey Mer-babes!  Copycat designs are everywhere and while I never want to support a copycat, sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl's got to do to look good and feel confident.  I wish I could sport shoes straight from the runway on the daily, and someday we will but (at least for me) today is not that day.  I have found the trendiest shoes of 2017 for wayyy less, so much less that "way" needed three "y's".

Shop the Story:

I have spent some time searching the internet for the hottest shoes I could find, which didn't take long honestly.  You've seen them all; the backless loafer, the edgy ballet flat, the clear plastic boot (very technical term), the platform oxford, and the furry shower slide.  All of these shoes in their original glory are over $500,  I don't know about you but my monthly shoe budget does not cover that.  I don't actually have a monthly shoe budget, but now I feel like thats something I need ASAP.  I have found some amazing alternatives to the originals all under $100. Yas!

You can shop each shoe using the widget above or the link directly below each photo.

PS: Have you seen my latest YouTube video? I combined all of my favorite food videos for a pretty spectacular montage.  Watch it here!

Gucci Loafer

Miu Miu Ballet Flats

Tip: Stick a piece of gingham ribbon under your foot and tie around your ankle to get the look of the original.

Yeezy PVC Boots

Stella McCartney Platforms

Givenchy Slides

Steve Madden, $40

Shop the Story:

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Bye Bye Trends of 2016: The Items You Need to Ditch for the New Year

Hey Mer-babes! Welcome to the New Year.  I love a good wardrobe purge, it keeps things fresh and gives you the perfect excuse to shop.  In December I donated about six garbage bags of old clothes and feel like a new woman.  I had so many clothes that just screamed high schooler and I couldn't deal.  If I still have to have the high school acne, I couldn't have the clothes too.

 Now, when I open my closet up I am greeted by clothes that I actually want to wear, crazy right!?  Your clothes will love you so much more when they are not crumpled into little balls (so so guilty) but actually have room for them to be nicely folded and stored.  Have you ever thrown on a shirt and it literally will not un-crumple?  That is a sure sign that you need to reorganize your closet.  The best part about clearing out your closet is being able to see what you really need, like that new top you have been eyeing (you NEED it).

The new year is upon us, and the new year means new trends, the good and the bad; but it also means saying toodles to the trends of the past year.   I have created the ultimate guide for your next closet clean out, AKA what to ditch for 2017.  Some of these trends were born in 2016 and some have been going on far too long and need the final boot.  Obviously these all all my opinion, so don't get your feelings to hurt, its just a friendly suggestion.


The time has come to put on our big girl pants, LITERALLY put on pants.  I love leggings for working out, but that is the only time you should be wearing them.  Do you seriously need four-way stretch to get groceries? The answer is no, you do not.  

Fake Flair

I love patches and pins and would cover my entire life in them if I could.  But the whole faux patch thing is really killing flair's flair.  If you want your denim jacket to be covered in funky patches, you need to pull out the iron and do it yourself.  

Cold Shoulder Tops 

Why? Why? Why? Aren't your shoulders actually cold? Is the little round part of the shoulder all of the sudden considered a sexy body part?  I have so many questions but in the end, it is a no from me. I am all about completely off the shoulder though, collarbones always win in my book.  

Champagne Graphic Tees

We get it.  You're fancy.  The "champagne" on a sweatshirt thing just doesn't really count as fashion in my book.  Sorry Mom Bloggers, but its a little overdone. 

Over Highlighting (and Contouring)

Sorry babe, but let your beauty shine from inside out.  Hit that cheekbone with a little bit of shimmer and walk out the door.  Unless you are about to be photographed by the paparazzi there is literally no reason you need to walk out of the house with a full on contour.  Those cheekbones aren't fooling anyone.  

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Girlfriend Gift Guide: Novelty Bags

Hey BB Girl!  Are you still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite babe (or yourself)?  Ive got you!  Novelty bags are the perfect gift for all the ladies in your life; whether your girl is a Disney princess, a fashion diva, a foodie or all of the above; there is a bag out there for her.  I am obsessed with novelty bags.  Give me any cute colorful shape with a shoulder strap and I'm in.  I have a pizza (or two), a fried egg, an Instagram logo, and a strawberry milk carton just to name a few.

Each novelty bag is so different from the other your collection can continue to grow and grow, making these bags a perfect gift!  I love to pair my novelty bags with a simple day time look like jeans and a tee shirt to really let my bag shine.  It is impossible to leave the house with a novelty bag and not be showered with compliments, I am serious. Try it.

 Below are the novelty bags that I have been obsessing over this season, along with the perfect keychains to turn any ordinary bag into something a little extra.  These bags are all different price ranges as well making them the perfect choice for gift giving season.

Remember you can shop this post by clicking on the link coordinated with the numbers below, or by clicking directly on the bag you want to shop!   Shop my holiday gifts in my HOLLA-day shop along with the other Girlfriend Gift Guides!

XO and Happy Shopping!

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Crushing on Chokers: The It Girl Accessory of 2016

Ok so this is no surprise, but chokers are like really hot right now.  If you are like me you have basically adopted a choker as part of your neck.  If you have yet to jump on the bandwagon, I totally get you.  I hate doing things other people do, I have never read a Harry Potter book or seen any of the  movies solely based on the fact that everyone else was doing it.  But chokers are different, they aren't some strange wizard boy, they are life-changing.  Its like slipping on a layer of confidence before leaving the house, I can't tell you why but I can tell you its addicting.  With my choker on (add hoop earrings for an extra MerWaves look) I feel like the ultimate cool girl. 

I have rounded up some cool girls wearing chokers, yes I included myself, to give you some styling inspiration.  From feminine and dainty to bad and bold, the possibilities are endless.  In my opinion the only time you can't wear a choker is with a turtleneck, I have tried three times now and I just can't make it work, but I'll keep trying.  Head to the bottom of this post to shop my top choker picks, most are under $20! 

PS: Have you checked out the Boutique page? You can shop all my favorite finds from every inch of the internet, all under $100.  Find my favorite face mask, party dresses, and gifts for your favorite gals. 
This chunky choker is the perfect way to contrast the delicate mesh and lace layers. 

A plunging neckline calls for a chunk choker.

A little goes a long way, Bella paired a black choker to tie in her black accessories. 

This chic and trendy look is the perfect opportunity to test a bold statement choker. 

Kendall keeps is classy with this delicate layered choker. 

Shop My Picks.

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Underwear as Outerwear.

Intimates are no longer being hidden under layers of clothing.  This season intimates have broken through the "underwear" label and moved into the category of outerwear.  Don't let the name scare you, this trend can be totally accessible to anyone.  I have rounded up some of my favorite takes on this trend, and picked out pieces to help you recreate the looks yourself.  

Balmain AW 2016
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Kendall Jenner

Chriselle Lim 

Shop the Story

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In Support of Bloggers

     This past week a lot of shade has been thrown towards the blogging community for tarnishing the fashion industry.  As a blogger, I am biased, but I wanted to take a stance on this issue not as a “blogger” but as a lover of fashion.  Fashion week was once only accessible to magazine editors, buyers, and other limited media sources.  Today, when you enter a show, you have all those same people, but add a front row full of bloggers and influencers to the mix.  Before the shows they are posting photos of their custom looks, and during the show they are sharing their favorite looks with their audience.  Their millions of followers are waiting patiently on the other side of the phone for the next photo; this gives these people an opportunity to see a whole new side of fashion. Bloggers have opened up the once exclusive world of fashion and shared it with the general public.  Anyone with an Instagram account can go follow @fashionbloggerofchoice and be exposed to more designers, couture pieces, and trends than ever possible without social media. With a quick scroll, you can watch videos from New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week without a media badge or a coveted ticket.  Since the emergence of the fashion blogger, fashion has been brought closer to the people than ever before.  The pushback that has been shown over the past couple days scolds bloggers for “exploitation” when in reality they are creating a more inclusive fashion community.  The world has become so connected and exposed with the growth of social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, that the only way for the fashion industry to progress is to open its doors to its growing audience.  Art without an audience is nothing, and bloggers have sparked the general public’s interest in fashion giving it an audience wider than ever before, which is something worth praising.  No, there isn’t enough front row seats for everyone, but there is enough room for all of us to share the industry.  

Photo via The Chriselle Factor

Photo via The Blonde Salad

Photo via Margo & Me

Pin me!

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Best of Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week has come to a close but these shows are the ones that will stay in our heads forever.  These designers are redefining spring and serving up major inspiration along the way.  This week was full of over-the-top luxury, major layers, and killer accessories.  


Dolce and Gabbana



Honorable Mentions

Roberto Cavalli

Fausto Puglisi 


Tell me your favorites in the comments below!

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